Day: January 16, 2013

20) I’ve touched the earth for one month

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full month 04

Traditionally, for a one-month “young” new born, the baby’s family will host a celebration to welcome the sweet event.  It’s a time to celebrate the baby’s birth and marks the end of the mother’s confinement.

Some have a buffet spread for guests while others had the celebration in restaurants to accommodate more guests.  Other than this, food boxes with cakes, red dyed eggs or glutinous rice will also be given to friends and relatives.  These days, food boxes come in more varieties like cupcakes, mini tarts or puffs.

full month 02

Eggs are chosen as they represent fertility and new passage in life.  The red dye represents luck and blessings and their round shapes symbolize harmony.

full month 01

Glutinous rice with toppings like slice stewed pork, fried dry prawn, mushrooms and sprinkled with onions and garlic shallots will also be given out with the food boxes.

full month 03

A pair of “Ang Ku Kuey” (“red tortoise cake”) signifies the new born will be blessed with luck and have a life as long as the tortoise.

full month 05

Last but not least, a milk bottle that feed you with all the sweetness and happiness with that new bundle of joy!