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25) Contrasting Articles

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I love you, so I wanna eat you

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Some 30 thousands shark fins was laid on the roof?  This is a shocking news happened in Hong Kong lately, where 30 thousands shark fins was being discovered having sunbath on the industrial building in western Hong Kong.

 Conservation group Sea Shepard described this is really wrath and the scene of crime is too appalling to viewers.  Based on the picture given, these 20-30 thousands shark fins are placed surreptitiously on the roof of industrial building in anticipation for Chinese New Year demand.

 Fortunately, according to seafood industrial spokeman, the demand of this expensive staple in Chinese banquet has been declined progressively, this has to be related to the “no shark fins banquet” and our Eco mindset.  I am glad!

I love you, so I wanna be with you
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This happens in North Wales, an eight years old doggy, Terfel keep bumping into things and stuck in basket.  After vet’s examination, Terfel was detected to have cataracts.

 Subsequently, owner Judy Godfrey Brown lets a stray pussy cat Pwditat stays with them.

 What happens next is that, Pwditat guides Terfel in and out of his basket and into the garden.

 This amazing story breaks the law of cats and dogs hate each other!  And since then, both are glue to each other and sleep together as well.  A true story from North Wales, about a Guide Cat and a blind dog.

 We should have more of the both on this earth!  Peace!