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A thoughtful car parking lot

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car park lot 01

Whenever we look at a car parking lot, it doesn’t appear to be unusual, but at least to me, it is unusual!


car park lot 02

An ordinary public car parking lot is usually made of cement, asphalt, bricks or sometimes just a layer of stones screeds.


car park lot 03

This parking lot featured here is made of broken strips of thin concrete slab laid out sparingly.


car park lot 06

Nature will fill up the remaining gaps with weeds and gravels.


car park lot 04

Imagine a little foliage living under a tyre day and night, on the road for months and years.  No passer-by realizes or knew their existence.


car park lot 05

Are we able to feel the hands of hard work behind these thoughtful parties, who are doing a great job for our Garden City?  With intelligent ideas that combines concrete forest with nature green into a song.  A beautiful song composed by a harmony melody and an activist conductor, the orchestra just goes on and on…


A story about the three little Hornbills

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By courtesy of
By courtesy of

These three lovely little Oriental Pied Hornbill were found in Pulau Ubin, an island in the north-east of Singapore.

They were discovered on 7 Jan 2013 by park rangers from the National Parks Board (NParks) on 7 Jan 2013.  The three eggs were abandoned by the mother.  The rangers decided to send it to the national bird park (Jurong Bird Park) for proper care and nurturing.

oriental pied hornbills (ST Photo)
By courtesy of ST Photo

For lesser than a month, the first infant hornbill was successfully hatched on 25 Jan, weighing 22.6g.

The second chick hatched 3 days later, on 28 Jan, weighing 21.8g and the last little one was hatched on 1 Feb, weighing 20g.

Greatly appreciate all parties involved for bringing this delighting piece of news and a life of new to us!

URA – The city gallery Pt 2

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ura 10

The Pinnacle @ Duxton; this is not only the first 50-storey Public housing in Singapore, it is also first in the world with two unique sky bridges linked up the total 7 blocks of building together.

Also, the roof garden offers a panoramic view of the city skyline.

ura 14

Fort Canning Park is one of the most Historic Park in Singapore. Now, it has transformed into a young and dynamic ground for party and celebration events. With the un-selfness greens and lawns, it’s also a must see ground for variety of arts, heritage and nature trails.

ura 16

Nicole Highway; this is one of the Major Highway in Singapore. The bridge was named after Sir John Fearns Nicole, the Governor of the Colony. The building on the right near you is the Golden Mile Complex. This unique typewriter shape-like offices cum shops complex is one of the earlier integrated multiple operation mix-development in Singapore.

ura 17

Chinatown; a must go spot for tourists’ exploration. Those roofs in red color are the conservation shop houses.

ura 12

Orchard road district is the most famous shopping paradise in Singapore. The second left is the Hotel Grand Hyatt Singapore, the most right with the leave capping is the Marriott Hotel; this is one of the iconic landmark in Orchard road.

ura 13

Orchard road; viewed from  Tanglin road direction.

ura 18

The one at the center is the Mandarin Gallery and Mandarin Orchard. This is a Hotel development, the most eye catch is the top part UFO like revolving restaurant at the top floor – Top of the M. You can get 360 degree of Singapore city view without rotating your body.

URA – The City Gallery Pt1

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URA 01

This is one of the World’s largest Architectural models that showcasing the Singapore’s central area. It’s at the 2nd floor of URA Building and is opening for public.

URA 02

Enjoy some of the recommended tourist spots below.

URA 03

The ECP – East Coast Parkway expressway, where one of the major express way leads you from the Airport Terminal to the city.

URA 04

The bridge shown in the middle of the picture is Benjamin Sheares Bridge. This is the longer bridge in Singapore; spanning 1.8km over the Kallang Basin. It’s named after Dr. Benjamin Henry Sheares; the 2nd president of the Republic.

URA 05

Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel, height 165m from the ground.

URA 06

Marina Bay Sand, world-class luxury integrated casino Hotel. Below the sea shell-like shape buildings are the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest that under part of the Gardens By The Bay.

URA 07

The enclosed water is the Marina Bay where you always see Fire works and many others celebration events like National day hold it at this place.

URA 09

Gardens By The Bay.

URA 08

Marina Barrage.

Reliving the Cactus Song

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Yesterday, I received an email from a US based song writing and artist development company.

They’ve stated in the email that they were fond of one of my song series – The Cactus Song, which I have written last September on my 2nd month of blogging.  They offered me a package into buying my lyrics but I have to pay an upfront.  The company will then complete the lyrics with vocal and music to compile the song and do the advertising for me.

Though this is a brand new experience but I’m not sure why I felt uncertain about it.  Perhaps I can take this opportunity to relive this song and recap my inspirations to my lover – the Cactus Song

Baja California Desert in the Cataviña region,...

I live in Texas my homeland, a desert an untouched ground

I love the sun being my clothes

And I love the sweet, warm breezy blows

With a grouchy cuckoo on my head

No autumn leaves or winter snow

No splashing stream or falling rain

Just an empty Paradise on my own,

With the rocks and stones.

I like to dance in the falling night,

With the cowboys dancing around

That is my homeland, a desert an untouched ground

I live in Singapore IKEA my homeland, a concrete desert ground

I love the air-conditioner being my jacket all year round

And I love the halogen light giving me a good shine

With a grocery shopper passer-by

No autumn leaves or winter snow

No splashing stream or falling rain

Just a perfect Paradise within my reign

With my color and little sands deco

I like to sing in my own shadow

With the shopper’s cajoling around,

This is Singapore IKEA my homeland, a concrete desert ground.

Friend (28) – The backyard friends

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backyard friend 01

Backyard is not only a place for laundry or cooking matters.  Backyard is a place where I could natters and observes my green friends grow.  Though, space is a concern and constraint, we have to live with it.  To me, space is not about how much you own, it’s all about how much you’re optimizing it.

 We can’t change the size of the box, but we are able to change the setting within.  A potted plant wouldn’t obstruct our movement so much.  But when you feel so sick about the piled up laundry and the undone dishes, take a glance at this little green fairy, it’s smiling at you.  You would be sure, all along you are not doing the mundane work alone.



backyard friend 03

Sometimes, they will laugh over my cooking skill.


backyard friend 02

Sometimes, they feel so shy to tell you.


backyard friend 04

Sometimes, they just can’t breath over the oily stuffs and trying to jump out of the window.


backyard friend 05

You can consider owning air plant, if space is really constraints.


backyard friend 06

Some are slim and elegant.


backyard friend 07

Some are just very space compromising.


backyard friend 08

Most importantly, we need a space for green within ourselves.


We need a friend, and you’ve got a friend.

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we need friend 01This is a group of friends I get to know during my language enhancement course the year before.  We got a chance to get around this Chinese New Year.  Snap some photos after our meals.  The treat is awesome but the gathering is even better than anything on the table.

We need friends all the time, we all know.  Especially, the unsurmountable bond that we has shared, it can’t even be measured through times.  Friends are not only beneficial to our well being, exchanging of ideas and care are just as important.  So, I always make an effort to call or message my friends to see how they are doing and it’s purely out of my hearty concern.

we need friend 02I’m glad I got to know these few classmates through this path of my life.  What has brought us together is just like what has brought us on this earth.  Be it for a reason or not, it’s not important to know.  The crucial point is we have been through the fun and have come a long way through the course structure.  It’s just like a curvy stream, it’s cooling and smiley as a whole.

That goes the same as the law of nature.  We need water and care for the green.  Do not discard the withered, when the leaves turn yellow.  Not capturing the best side of all, but the ups and downs in fact.  That makes life more vibrant.

we need friend 03

The Tree of Life

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baobab tree 01

Baobab tree has many other names.  Bottle tree, tabaldi, monkey bread tree or dead rat tree just to name a few.

It has a life span of up to many thousands years though the tree age can’t be verified by the tree ring, as bottle tree doesn’t produce annual rings like some others.

baobab tree 02

I see that these trees living in a corner of the Singapore Botanic Gardens are much younger compared to those living in Africa in terms of its stature.

bottole tree magadasca (
By courtesy of (

There are many remarkable and iconic Baobab growing in Africa.  Judging by the shape, this tree undoubtedly could be one of the famous trees in Madagascar.

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

The Baobab tree is also called the Tree of Life.  Reason being it not only provides shade but food and water for living beings.  The bark can be used as rope or cloth where the leaves are used as condiments and medicines.  The tree trunk can store water up to hundreds of litres during rainy season and the tree are able to produce fruit later on in the year when everything around them is dry and barren.  The fruit named Monkey Bread is rich in vitamin C and it’s edible.  It is easy to see why baobab is referred to as The Tree of Life.

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

The matured trees are usually hollow.  It magnanimously provides a sheltered space for human and animals sharing with him the same roof and joining him as a family.

baobab tree walt the lion king

The fame of this tree can’t be denied.  The Baobab tree is also being selected and featured in some Disney’s movie like ‘The Lion King’.  So the next time you see a tree, you may be chancing into the Tree of Life, a tree of fame on this fertile earth.

Hundred sips for a day

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hundred seep 01

It takes us a few mouthfuls to finish up a glass of water.  Any ideas why we need hundred sips for this easy job instead?

This has to do with our number of stomach movements.  Reason is simple.  The movement of water gushing down our system equals to the number of movement created by the stomach muscles.  So if you drink a cup of water with hundred sips, it equals to hundred times of stomach movements.  By increasing the stomach movements, our intestines and digesting system become stronger and healthier.

In fact, it will be ideal if you can stop the sipping till a burp.  The burping expels the stale and foul gas deposited in our stomach and discharge through it.  The good time to do the hundred sips are in the morning with a cup of warm water.  It warms up your body and gives a perk up of the day.

hundred seep 02

With practice, you’ll be able to feel the water gushing down into your system layers by layers.  And the water vibration into the stomach as if finding a way to seep through the root to every single organs.  Just like roots absorbing the moisture from the soil.

Its no magic trick, it’s patience and practice that we need.  What good things can do without these two elements of life!

My Digital Art piece

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taokwang 01

One of my Art piece done in the combination of 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.