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Cherish cherry’s pictures

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cherish cherry pictures 02cherish cherry pictures 03cherish cherry pictures 04

Spotted a few cherry trees along Evans Road outside Singapore Botanic Gardens.  To my surprise, it is beaming with shinning and juicy fruits but with no birds chirping happily with their fine cuisine.  For that, I have a strong reason to believe the fruits will not taste as sweet as it looks.

Otherwise, birds would not have enough to share it with the worms and the ants would be happily singing and carrying it all the way home.

If not, these strings of ruby gems wouldn’t be hanging there like dropping musical notes, waiting for an artist to complete the beautiful song.

Or else, all these ripe and unripe cherries will be ferry all the way to the supermarket for sales.

Then, today, I wouldn’t be able to have a chance to share them with you and cherish these cherries’ pictures with all!

cherish cherry pictures 05

cherish cherry pictures 01


Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon Pt 2

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crouching tiger 10

One blogger put up a request to me for more pictures of these wooden tree stump sculptures displayed at the Green Pavilion, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In fact, some of the sculptures were also placed as an art deco at the lobby.  This is the one placed as a backdrop of the counter.  No visitors would dare to confront the counter staff with the three dragons behind them.  Perhaps, visitors may have mistaken them for the real ones and wonder why the dragons are let loose from their enclosures.

crouching tiger 11

Do you fancy two gigantic lizards crawling on top of your head?

 crouching tiger 12

A miniature Godzilla having a good life here!

crouching tiger 13

I still can’t figure out what animal is this?  Could it be an eagle?

crouching tiger 17

Is that real? Is up to you to judge!

crouching tiger 15

Are these pumpkins?  What are they doing here after the harvest, waiting for the next Halloween?

crouching tiger 16

Just relax and take a sit, while you enjoy the works of art with our hands, provided by nature.

The Tree of Life

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baobab tree 01

Baobab tree has many other names.  Bottle tree, tabaldi, monkey bread tree or dead rat tree just to name a few.

It has a life span of up to many thousands years though the tree age can’t be verified by the tree ring, as bottle tree doesn’t produce annual rings like some others.

baobab tree 02

I see that these trees living in a corner of the Singapore Botanic Gardens are much younger compared to those living in Africa in terms of its stature.

bottole tree magadasca (
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There are many remarkable and iconic Baobab growing in Africa.  Judging by the shape, this tree undoubtedly could be one of the famous trees in Madagascar.

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The Baobab tree is also called the Tree of Life.  Reason being it not only provides shade but food and water for living beings.  The bark can be used as rope or cloth where the leaves are used as condiments and medicines.  The tree trunk can store water up to hundreds of litres during rainy season and the tree are able to produce fruit later on in the year when everything around them is dry and barren.  The fruit named Monkey Bread is rich in vitamin C and it’s edible.  It is easy to see why baobab is referred to as The Tree of Life.

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The matured trees are usually hollow.  It magnanimously provides a sheltered space for human and animals sharing with him the same roof and joining him as a family.

baobab tree walt the lion king

The fame of this tree can’t be denied.  The Baobab tree is also being selected and featured in some Disney’s movie like ‘The Lion King’.  So the next time you see a tree, you may be chancing into the Tree of Life, a tree of fame on this fertile earth.

Amazing root-way of this Kapok tree

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kapok tree 02

This is one of the Heritage tree in Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Kapok tree.

According to the information board, this tree loves the sun and is fast growing.  In the past, people made used of this white cottony pulp to stuff cushions, pillow, mattresses and life jackets etc.

kapok tree 05

This tall tree is native to tropical America.  The broad, straight trunk is the distinctive feature of this old tree.

kapok tree 01

Standing next to it you’ll be amazed by how huge and tall the portrait of this tree is!

kapok tree 04

I have no clue and there isn’t a sign stating how old the tree is.  By the snake crawl-like roots, it’s enough to judge and convince he is a decisive and fortitude man.

kapok tree 03

This also crocodile like roots exposed the hard side of nature. So, do these roots inspire you? Have you wonder how deep can he penetrate and how far he has traveled?

My sweet Jumbos tree

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jumbos tree 01

I spotted a Eugenia Jumbos tree near Eco Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The floor are lying full of ripen fruits. It looks like a dropping bell at a glance.

jumbos tree 02

Eugenia Jumbos has many common names; water apple, Malay apple and rose apple etc.

jumbos tree 03

Eugenia Jumbos is native to Southeast Asia but naturalized in India.

jumbos tree 05

The flesh is crunchy and watery, and the taste is sweet and fragrant. Some time you can find it in the Rojak food. Rojak is a kind of an Asia food that mixes with different kind of fruits, and stir with prawn paste and peanuts topping.

jumbos tree 04

So next time if you happen to see this rosy cheek along the roadside, please greet him with a hello, because he is so shy that needs somebody to be more initiative than him.

Hello, my sweet Jumbos tree!

Who is going to protect them?

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tree protector 01

This is one of the Locust tree in Singapore Botanic Gardens, name Hymenaea courbaril. It is a common species in tropical America and used it in furniture, flooring and for decorative purposes.

tree protector 04

Beside tall and widely spread in radius and this tree is also protected by lightning protection system. It safeguards the tree from damage due to lightning.

tree protector 03

The tree shades us from rain and sun, and giving us oxygen without any pay back. So what is in our mind when we look at him under his unconditional love and protection?

tree protector 02

Are we able to feel grateful about that? Being protected and protect them in return?

Why are they so busy in the Eco Garden?

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Eco garden 01

It takes approximately 3 minutes to reach the Eco Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens from the Botanic Gardens MRT. It is a worthwhile trip for a visitor to have a glimpse of the celebrities and fun makers!

At the same time you must be wondering what are they doing and why are they so busy?

So let’s do a survey…

Eco garden 02

Some busy on sprouting their new generation.

Eco garden 03

Some busy on preparing ‘Singapore’s Beauty Contest’.

Eco garden 05

Some are still adjusting the costumes or trying to be a ‘copy duck’.

Eco garden 04

So busy to the extent forget about the leg.

Eco garden 07

Some busy on searching, with what?

Eco garden 08

Some busy on cleaning up the water…

Eco garden 09

Some busy on the ground…

Eco garden 10

Some busy on the road…

Eco garden 11

Some busy on the grass…

Eco garden 06

Some still busy on wandering and wondering…

Eco garden 12

Wondering why some just busy on watching…