Visual Arts

Unique sculpture “Unielephant”

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unielephant 02The sculpture “Unielephant” was done by Artist, Philip Treacy; a world-renowned British milliner who made hat to stars and royalty.

unielephant 03This is one of the art exhibition programme initiated by “Art in The City” under The Fullerton Heritage. The objective of the programme is to promote local art and culture as well as refusing art within the city.

unielephant 04The art piece act as a reminder for the dwindling elephant population of Asia, as to raise fund for the conservation and well being of the region’s neglected jumbos.

unielephant 05The sculpture adopted by The Fullerton Heritage, under “Art in The City” programme. A unique elephant is waiting for you there.


Sengkang Sculpture Park

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sculpture park 01Sengkang Sculpture Park is a neighbourhood park located in Sengkang new town.  The theme “fishing village/marine” is evolved from the original fishing village as it was.

The park is specially designed to allow park user to interact with the sculptures and create a personal experience in return.

sculpture park 02‘Bubbles’ – ball sculptures designed for park user to sit, climb or laze around.

sculpture park 03sculpture park 04sculpture park 05‘Waves” sculptures recollect the old memories of Sengkang as a fishing village.  Sited on carpet grass, low green shrubs change the form of the “Waves” in different angles.

sculpture park 07A whale-like sculpture play-scape is playfully hiding within the green.

sculpture park 06Enjoy food in this eatery next to the park.  Rest or carry on with the fun searching.

sculpture park 08Sitting under the timber trellis, getting interact with plants or sculptures, this is the core of this “Art in the Park”.

My Digital Art piece

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taokwang 01

One of my Art piece done in the combination of 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.

Sculpture “Progressive Flow”

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progressive flow 01

The sculpture “Progressive Flow” was cast on the ground outside One Marina Boulevard at the traffic junction between Raffles Quay and Marina Boulevard.

This significant art piece made by local sculptor Han Sai Por invites interactive, exploration and discovery.

progressive flow 06

Sculpture made in mess granite stone, consists of 6 blocks solid granite, weigh no less than 55 tons.

progressive flow 05

The Cultural Medallion Winner sculptor is one of the recognized Singapore foremost sculptors.  She transformed the solid stone into curve and flow with a rhythmic grace.

progressive flow 02

There are voids and gaps between the blocks, it allows people to walk through in-between, indirectly encourage viewers to join and participate the spatial game.

progressive flow 03

The wave-like blocks are positioned for people to rest and seat while appreciating the graceful art piece.

progressive flow 04

Not easy to imagine how much hardship has the sculptor gone through while hewing the sculpture?

progressive flow 07

The rough texture of the stones surface signifies the coarseness of the sculptor palm.