Day: April 11, 2013

Running story

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In the wee hours of March 29, a secondary school girl, Tian Xiao Qi from Hualian, Taiwan sent her ailing grandma to the local hospital A&E unit for treatment.

 She has an exam in the same morning at 10am.  According to the news, the exam takes the whole class as a scoring margin.  As she doesn’t want the class score to be dragged down by her absence, she’s very insistence to sit for the exam.

 With not a single cent with her, she decided to run back to school on her own two feet.  Started at 7am and reached school at 10, spending a total of 3 hrs for 23km.  When she reached school, her classmates were stunned and touched by her action.  They quickly offered her tidbits for replenishments as she ran with an empty stomach throughout the whole journey.

 She was asked if anyone offered a helping hand along the way.  She responded that 2 policemen from the police post offered but she can’t explain why she rejected the kind offer which will only took her 10-15min to reach her school.

 In a good way, she made it in the end!  When asked how she felt, her answer was simple “the running was not so difficult, as it is worthwhile exchange for a meaningful journey in life”.