Day: April 5, 2013

Friend (28) – The backyard friends

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backyard friend 01

Backyard is not only a place for laundry or cooking matters.  Backyard is a place where I could natters and observes my green friends grow.  Though, space is a concern and constraint, we have to live with it.  To me, space is not about how much you own, it’s all about how much you’re optimizing it.

 We can’t change the size of the box, but we are able to change the setting within.  A potted plant wouldn’t obstruct our movement so much.  But when you feel so sick about the piled up laundry and the undone dishes, take a glance at this little green fairy, it’s smiling at you.  You would be sure, all along you are not doing the mundane work alone.



backyard friend 03

Sometimes, they will laugh over my cooking skill.


backyard friend 02

Sometimes, they feel so shy to tell you.


backyard friend 04

Sometimes, they just can’t breath over the oily stuffs and trying to jump out of the window.


backyard friend 05

You can consider owning air plant, if space is really constraints.


backyard friend 06

Some are slim and elegant.


backyard friend 07

Some are just very space compromising.


backyard friend 08

Most importantly, we need a space for green within ourselves.