Day: April 27, 2013

This is no ordinary ‘Shan Shui’ paintings

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not an ordinary carlligraphy 01

There’s nothing much to talk about at the first glance of these Chinese Shan Shui painting by Yao Lu, an artist from China.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 02

Then, with a closer look, you realize the beauty of the trash hills are all captured resembling Chinese paintings.  With Photoshop touch-up, the trash hills emerged as beautiful landscapes with gorgeous creek covered with mist.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 03

These art pieces are messages brought across by the artist on how much rubbish we have discarded in a speedy developing city.  Hopefully her art pieces serve as a reminder of how much our mother earth has been destroyed and a reflection of how we should cherish our beautiful earth like the exquisite Chinese paintings.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 07