Month: April 2013

Something fit for a vegan

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vegetariaan food 05

I had an awesome vegetarian meal at Beets located at 22 Dempsey Road.  This unique restaurant offers a variety of high quality and creative range of food fits for non-meat eaters.

vegetariaan food 06

The foods and the lounge setting are equally refine, a new definition of modern vegetarian cuisine you must experience.

vegetariaan food 04

Tofu Burger

This is one of the signature dishes.  The seaweed tofu burger served toasted with grilled pumpkin, truffle aioli, relish and pumpkin crackers are enough to make your mouth water and wanting more from every bite.

vegetariaan food 03

Butternut Squash

This dish may look bare but it comes with a taste you’ll never forget.  Baby roquette, grilled butternut squash and tofu served with sambal olek dressing.  The sweet, sour combination come just too perfect with the leaves.  You will never let go this mouthful experience.

vegetariaan food 02

Char-grilled Vegetable Platter

A mixture of grilled vegetables come with a fresh selection of red and green pepper, Portobello mushroom, asparagus, roma tomato, corn and Bombay onion complete with the homemade garlic aioli.  One of the most delicate dishes on the table, the crunchiness of the asparagus and the fragrant of the freshly grilled greens with a spray of flower petals will lure you back to the next visit.  The edible flowers is new to my taste buds, It’s hard to resist the next trip there!

vegetariaan food 07

The restaurant is located at the entrance of Dempsey Road.  Operation hour for lunch is 12pm to 3pm and 6pm-11pm for dinner.

For a stylist and healthy meal, this is the right choice.  Just chill out..


He needs a clutch

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tembusu crutch 01

I spotted a Tembusu tree in the forest walk near Alexandra Arch.  This tree specie is one of the most distinctive in Singapore.  It can grow up 10m high.

tembusu crutch 02

The tree could be distinguished with its unique perpendicular branches and it has an ability to survive in poorly drained clayey soils.  Apparently, this tree in the picture shows sign of growing downward, as it it’s carrying a clutch of its own.  This could be helped by the exterior support or may be this is nature’s unique way of survival!

Today is meow meow day!

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meow meow day 01

Today is our rest and relax day! No blogging, so nothing to talk about…

meow meow day 04

No pole dancing as well!

meow meow day 02

Shall we go for second round?

meow meow day 03

Well well meow meow!

This is no ordinary ‘Shan Shui’ paintings

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not an ordinary carlligraphy 01

There’s nothing much to talk about at the first glance of these Chinese Shan Shui painting by Yao Lu, an artist from China.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 02

Then, with a closer look, you realize the beauty of the trash hills are all captured resembling Chinese paintings.  With Photoshop touch-up, the trash hills emerged as beautiful landscapes with gorgeous creek covered with mist.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 03

These art pieces are messages brought across by the artist on how much rubbish we have discarded in a speedy developing city.  Hopefully her art pieces serve as a reminder of how much our mother earth has been destroyed and a reflection of how we should cherish our beautiful earth like the exquisite Chinese paintings.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 07

Cougar Song

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merry christmas 01

When I was just a little boy

I asked my Kor Kor what will I be

Will I be handsome will I be rich

Here’s what he said to me


Hey Cougar Cougar

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

Hey Cougar Cougar

What will be will be

cougar song 04

When I grew up and fell in love

I asked my sweet heart what’s life ahead

Will we have chasing day after day

Here’s what my sweet heart said


Hey Cougar Cougar

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

Hey Cougar Cougar

What will be will be


Now I have rugby of my own

They ask my Kor Kor what will I be

Will I be naughty will I be free

I tell them happily


Hey Cougar Cougar

Whatever will be will be

The future’s not ours to see

Hey Cougar Cougar

What will be will be

Hey Cougar Cougar


(Kor Kor literally means elder brother in local dialect, it’s referring me)

‘Shiok’ Singapore

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Singapore Tourist Board made this short film to promote tourism in Singapore.  The word ‘Shiok’ literally means wonderful or fantastic.  It’s a broadly used local expression on something that you feel good or enjoyable about.

 Example, drinking a cool, icy drink on a hot weather can be ‘shiok’.

 A return from a wonderful trip is ‘shiok’.

 Taking steamboat in cold season can be ‘shiok’

 Having a nice cup of coffee in the morning can be ‘shiok’.

 For me, walking in the rain is ‘shiok’.

 So, what is your definition about ‘shiok’?

Rest and relax in these lovely monuments

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sit n relax 02

There are 2 dome roof monuments located outside Fort Canning Centre.  These 2 lovely shelters painted in white were designed by architect George Drumgoole Coleman, during the 18th century.  Mr GD Coleman was one of the remarkable pioneers architects in Singapore history. 

sit n relax 01

He is also the designer of Coleman Bridge, which was named after him.

sit n relax 03

There isn’t any record showing the date of construction as well as the purpose.  Most probably, it’s meant for a quiet time in the sweetest part of the hill.

A Bucida tree will never turn you down

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bucida tree 03

I got to know Bucida molineti tree since the day I shifted here some 12 years ago.  At that time, it was a man with the height of his childhood.  But then, he’s as tall as a four storey apartment now, and I’m sure he is holding an important role in decorates our neighborhood landscapes.

bucida tree 02

Attracted by this lovely tree, right from the sleek silhouette to the elegant exterior it portrays.  The tiny arms and the leafy evergreens express himself in a refine and delicate manner.

bucida tree 05

Leafs are gently small compared to the size of the body.  By saying that, he seems like standing on a moderate path, offering the blue sky to us and at the same time shading us from the cheerful bright sun.

bucida tree 01

I like walking on pavements shaded with these trees, under their widely open arms.  Sometimes, the dropping leaves may accidentally got stuck on my glasses, but the kiss of it is so light and soft that I felt like it’s the teardrops of the tree.

bucida tree 06

Taking a second look at it, does it strike a chord on you?  Yes, it looks like an upside down Christmas tree.  So the next time you bump into one, ask him “where have all the Christmas trees gone?”  I believe his answer will never turn you down.

“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Up)”

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up 01

Up the fence, Up the building, Up the sky!