Day: April 2, 2013

Hundred sips for a day

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hundred seep 01

It takes us a few mouthfuls to finish up a glass of water.  Any ideas why we need hundred sips for this easy job instead?

This has to do with our number of stomach movements.  Reason is simple.  The movement of water gushing down our system equals to the number of movement created by the stomach muscles.  So if you drink a cup of water with hundred sips, it equals to hundred times of stomach movements.  By increasing the stomach movements, our intestines and digesting system become stronger and healthier.

In fact, it will be ideal if you can stop the sipping till a burp.  The burping expels the stale and foul gas deposited in our stomach and discharge through it.  The good time to do the hundred sips are in the morning with a cup of warm water.  It warms up your body and gives a perk up of the day.

hundred seep 02

With practice, you’ll be able to feel the water gushing down into your system layers by layers.  And the water vibration into the stomach as if finding a way to seep through the root to every single organs.  Just like roots absorbing the moisture from the soil.

Its no magic trick, it’s patience and practice that we need.  What good things can do without these two elements of life!