Day: April 4, 2013

We need a friend, and you’ve got a friend.

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we need friend 01This is a group of friends I get to know during my language enhancement course the year before.  We got a chance to get around this Chinese New Year.  Snap some photos after our meals.  The treat is awesome but the gathering is even better than anything on the table.

We need friends all the time, we all know.  Especially, the unsurmountable bond that we has shared, it can’t even be measured through times.  Friends are not only beneficial to our well being, exchanging of ideas and care are just as important.  So, I always make an effort to call or message my friends to see how they are doing and it’s purely out of my hearty concern.

we need friend 02I’m glad I got to know these few classmates through this path of my life.  What has brought us together is just like what has brought us on this earth.  Be it for a reason or not, it’s not important to know.  The crucial point is we have been through the fun and have come a long way through the course structure.  It’s just like a curvy stream, it’s cooling and smiley as a whole.

That goes the same as the law of nature.  We need water and care for the green.  Do not discard the withered, when the leaves turn yellow.  Not capturing the best side of all, but the ups and downs in fact.  That makes life more vibrant.

we need friend 03