Month: May 2013

Song of the Birdcage

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birdcage 01Welcome to my embossed birdcage

It’s engraved with scenery of ivory

Crafted with sweetness of memories

How can I hold it without sharing?

How can I keep a vow within?

So I wrote a song

I wrote a note

I wrote a Blogging post

Birds hear that!

But not wings near that!

birdcage 03 Welcome to my antique birdcage

No hanging price tags

No auction gag

Where do we find an old folks song?

When could we build a home sweet home?

Dancing in the wind

Dancing in the night

Dancing with cool red wine

Monkey hears that!

Monkey nears that!

birdcage 02Welcome to my empty birdcage

No more sorrowful songs

No more broken wings

No more contradicting feel of liberty

Where can I find him?

When can I fly with him?

He is not in the room

Not in Google map

Not on files piling up high desk

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

That is our dream

Our birdie’s dream


Good news from Marine Biodiversity Survey

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Berthelinia sp
Berthelinia sp

According to the local news, The Straits Times, lately, the 5 years comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey (CMBS) has collected about 30,000 specimens which are conducting in mudflats, seabeds and reed habitats.

elysia slug
elysia slug

14 species have been identified possibly new to science, more than 80 new records have been found and about 10 have been rediscovered.

Labuanium politum
Labuanium politum
ula anatina, a rediscover
ula anatina, a rediscover

????????????????????????The ‘Lipstick’ sea anemone found in mudflats at Pulau Ubin, is a predatory animal which has a distinctive red mouth and may not have been recorded anywhere else in the world.


'Zee' an undetermined mangrove gobyAnother species identified as possibly new to science is the orange-clawed mangrove crab found in coastal mangroves and a small goby, nicknamed ‘Zee’ found in mudflats off Lim Chu Kang.

A corner of MacRitchie Reservoir

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submerge boardway 02The purpose of construction a submerged boardwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park is to filter rainwater from the surrounding through plants and stone beds.  It acts like a filtration system to channel cleaner water into the reservoir.

At the same time, fun walker can have close contact with beautiful insects like dragonflies, damselflies and other aquatic life surrounding the area.

submerge boardway 01No pets and footwear are allowed on the shallow water.  If that is the case, why not hand carry your pet and they’ll love you more than ever!

submerge boardway 03At times, helicopter-like damselfly may zoom across with their horizontal propellers.

submerge boardway 04submerge boardway 05Some are thoroughly in action while some are lone ranger.

submerge boardway 10Some are so insignificant but plays and important part to purify the water for our usage.

submerge boardway 07Some are living quietly without any titles.

submerge boardway 08Some water fairies whispering by the waterside.

submerge boardway 09This is just a corner of the park, but never neglect the rest!

My Special Day fall on 27th of May 2013

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Yesterday, I was selected to be the top 10 finalists by Omy Singapore Blog Awards 2013, under “EXABYTES BEST INDIVIDUAL” Categories.

This is surprise to me!

I know I’m special but not to the extend will stand out from the rest of the shinning stars.

I’ll take it as a learning process, a good result is a extra bonus.

Today, is already a blossome day!

I take this opportunity to thank all my Followers, as well as Omy and all Sponsors!

I appreciate your kind warm hand shake!

Sydney loves Blogging!


Sengkang Sculpture Park

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sculpture park 01Sengkang Sculpture Park is a neighbourhood park located in Sengkang new town.  The theme “fishing village/marine” is evolved from the original fishing village as it was.

The park is specially designed to allow park user to interact with the sculptures and create a personal experience in return.

sculpture park 02‘Bubbles’ – ball sculptures designed for park user to sit, climb or laze around.

sculpture park 03sculpture park 04sculpture park 05‘Waves” sculptures recollect the old memories of Sengkang as a fishing village.  Sited on carpet grass, low green shrubs change the form of the “Waves” in different angles.

sculpture park 07A whale-like sculpture play-scape is playfully hiding within the green.

sculpture park 06Enjoy food in this eatery next to the park.  Rest or carry on with the fun searching.

sculpture park 08Sitting under the timber trellis, getting interact with plants or sculptures, this is the core of this “Art in the Park”.

Show yourself love, but not engraving love on me

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weeping tree 01

“Keep our trees healthy by not engraving on them!” There is a signboard written by National Park in Orchid Garden, Sinagpore Botanic Gardens. By keeping them growing healthily, a gentle reminder for public not to engrave anything on the tree.

weeping tree 02

This is Leptospermum Brachyandrum, commonly known as tea tree, weeping tea tree or silver princess etc. Graceful weeping habitual and distinctive aromatic scent are the delightful appearance of this lovely soft foliage.

weeping tree 03

This is one of the trees, couple likes to engrave with their heart on the tree body. So let’s start today, show love by care and not by engraving!

One night in Phor Kark See Temple

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one night in pks temple 01Today is Vesak Day. I jointed the volunteer group of Phor Kark See Temple to help up in selling drinks. By entering the side of the temple, there are gorgeous lotus deco being lightens up.

one night in pks temple 02In “3 Steps, 1 Bow” ceremony, devotees circumambulate the perimeter of the temple, taking every 3 steps and one bow, while chanting the name of the Buddha. This event started on Vesak Day eve at 10pm until the actual day morning 7am.

one night in pks temple 03Thousand of lanterns lighten up every corner of the temple.

one night in pks temple 04In the Hall of Great Compassion, devotees queuing to pay respect to Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva.

one night in pks temple 05On the other hands , “3 steps, 1 Bow” ceremony still going on and on every single minutes.

one night in pks temple 06Cart stores selling Buddhism related things are overwhelming with crown and heats.

one night in pks temple 07Little Buddhas are happily smiling to us.

one night in pks temple 08Comfort foods are serving for free thru out the whole Vesak Day event.

one night in pks temple 09This picture was captured in the morning 8am, a woman pushing her Granny- I guess, has shown virtues thru out, until the end of the ceremony.

one night in pks temple 10And this is the time for the lotus awakening.

Vesak Day

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vesak day 02

Know the enlightenment of this great man.

Understand the path he went through.

Understand his teachings with wisdom, and

Be mindful on this special day.

Dragons in the Temple

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bright hill dragon 02

Dragons carry a significant role in Chinese culture.  It symbolizes a ranking, prosperity and fortune.  By engraving or sculpting dragon on building monuments, it enhances the strength and appearance of the architectural language.

bright hill dragon 01

Shots I have captured from Bright Hill Temple ensemble the dragon symbols.  Rail post wrapped around with carved dragon, size of 20cm in diameter and 45cm in height.  It envelops the place for offerings where visitors pay respect to their ancestors.

bright hill dragon 03

A pair of magnificent butterfly-like beams, painted with dragon’s character proudly tie down to the frame of the holy minder.

bright hill dragon 04

The wall art revealing the interesting and legendary myths.

bright hill dragon 06bright hill dragon 05

The temples are guided and guarded by the dragons sitting on the roof ridge.  It clearly defines a place with respectable reputation and status.

Imaginary Art Piece.

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sculpture park art piece 01

What is this painting to you? Mountain scenery? Or grass patch with water background? Or is something else?

sculpture park art piece 02

The painting was actually captured from this moldy concrete sculpture and fine-tunes it by Photoshop.

Nature is Art. Art is Nature.