Day: April 10, 2013

A thoughtful car parking lot

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car park lot 01

Whenever we look at a car parking lot, it doesn’t appear to be unusual, but at least to me, it is unusual!


car park lot 02

An ordinary public car parking lot is usually made of cement, asphalt, bricks or sometimes just a layer of stones screeds.


car park lot 03

This parking lot featured here is made of broken strips of thin concrete slab laid out sparingly.


car park lot 06

Nature will fill up the remaining gaps with weeds and gravels.


car park lot 04

Imagine a little foliage living under a tyre day and night, on the road for months and years.  No passer-by realizes or knew their existence.


car park lot 05

Are we able to feel the hands of hard work behind these thoughtful parties, who are doing a great job for our Garden City?  With intelligent ideas that combines concrete forest with nature green into a song.  A beautiful song composed by a harmony melody and an activist conductor, the orchestra just goes on and on…