Day: April 19, 2013

Friend (29) – The sweet and bitterness of life

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sweet n bitterness of life 01

There’s this 5-piece English historical building theme coasters sticking on my kitchen wall for many years.  I recalled it’s a gift from a friend some 20 years ago.  This friend was a full-time architect and a part-time chorus conductor.  I was then a lame singer in the choir.

sweet n bitterness of life 02

We rarely talk, not because he is a discipline guy but I guess it’s my introvert personality that fails to break the communication barrier.  Not long after I left the choir as I need to spend more time on personal enhancement.

sweet n bitterness of life 03

Yet, I was surprised by a surprise.  I received a souvenir from him through my sister who is also a choir member.  I came to know that he bought me the gift during his Europe tour.  As he knew I have a penchant for architectural stuff and he specially choose this theme for me.

sweet n bitterness of life 05

I recalled I was stunned and moved by this friendly thoughts.  On social ground I should at least give him a ring to deliver my gratitude.  But I didn’t, as I wasn’t a person good at expressing myself.  Yet, my way of displaying my gratitude is to hang the coasters on my kitchen wall.  Everyday, the coasters remind me of this nice, gentleman I’ve met in this lifetime.

sweet n bitterness of life 04

Lately, I came to know that he’s facing some upheaval in life.  It’s not easy to meet up again, but I’ll like to take the opportunity of this write-up to wish him all the best and have all his good wishes come true.  At least, there is also another man like him, who’s always standing behind, tasting the sweet and bitterness of life with another….Be blessed, my long lost friend!