Day: March 1, 2013

Sculpture “Momentum”

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momentum 07

The sculpture “Momentum” located at the triangle traffic junction of Finlayson Green and Collyer Quay.  The vibrant color of this sculpture penetrates every passer-by’s eyes, and energizes the core of this financial district of Shenton Way.

momentum 02

This sculpture is made of steel and painted with vibrant colors.  The sculptor, David Gerstein was born in 1944 and this works of his was built in 2007.  This is a huge piece of art interms of height 18.35m and 11.157 in diameter.

momentum 04

It presents layers upon layers of figures in an upward spiral motion.  It signifies the population’s high energy and a continuouf of progress.

momentum 03

It pays tribute to the nation of past and present.  Upon appreciative of their strength and ingenuity.  Without it, Singapore will not be a dynamic metropolis today.

momentum 05

This vibrant color sculpture spreading out his color in this vibrant garden city, for sure is not coincidental.