Day: March 28, 2013

PCN – Sungei Punggol

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sungei punggol 01

This park which located along Sungei Punggol is also part of the PCN (Park Connector Network) in Singapore.  You may wish to start your journey from Lorong Buangkok where the last Kampong in Singapore is situated.  Alternatively, you can start the trail from Punggol Point and trail inwardly alongside the river.

sungei punggol 02

Surau Kampong (the last Kampong in Singapore) – I wish it could be prolonged as long as it should be.

sungei punggol 03

From the fruitful rewards of the rainforest trees, might pack along unstoppable echoes of cicadas.

sungei punggol 04

You may be able to spot some fishes swooping from the water, or some dragonflies laying their eggs along the river.

sungei punggol 05

Sight of Godzilla but it’s so much miniature.

sungei punggol 06

According to the information board, this floating wetland is the first and one of a kind in Singapore.

sungei punggol 07

Under the Active, Beautiful, Clean waters (ABC) Programme, it provides natural habitat to biodiversity beautifies the landscape and improves the water quality in the reservoir.

sungei punggol 08

A lookout view of the Wet land under a concrete vehicular bridge.

sungei punggol 09

You may hide away from the weather in this appealing Eggplant shape-like shelter.

sungei punggol 10

Or just go on with the adventurous journey….