My Hand Sketch – Spring

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hand sketch 01

I have never constantly practice my hand sketch for almost 20 years.

Lately, I have not be feeling well, mentally as well as physically.

Some how, something telling me I need to follow my heart, my voice and my path.

So I decided to pick my shaky pencil and start to draw.

After 2 hours of refreshment course, this is what I have!

I named this as Spring and May summer coming your way!


Sculpture “Momentum”

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momentum 07

The sculpture “Momentum” located at the triangle traffic junction of Finlayson Green and Collyer Quay.  The vibrant color of this sculpture penetrates every passer-by’s eyes, and energizes the core of this financial district of Shenton Way.

momentum 02

This sculpture is made of steel and painted with vibrant colors.  The sculptor, David Gerstein was born in 1944 and this works of his was built in 2007.  This is a huge piece of art interms of height 18.35m and 11.157 in diameter.

momentum 04

It presents layers upon layers of figures in an upward spiral motion.  It signifies the population’s high energy and a continuouf of progress.

momentum 03

It pays tribute to the nation of past and present.  Upon appreciative of their strength and ingenuity.  Without it, Singapore will not be a dynamic metropolis today.

momentum 05

This vibrant color sculpture spreading out his color in this vibrant garden city, for sure is not coincidental.

15) A song for your own sake (2)

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Boy, do girls ever love those monkeys!
Boy, do girls ever love those monkeys! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We love you more than we can say

My dearest little monkey

You should not complain anymore

Just as you are a clown in the forest

And this is for your own good

You can expand your talent in the circus roundabout

To win a big applause

All these are for your own sake

As we shall always love you

That is what they rake

English: A rabbit (A cottontail, I think) posi...
English: A rabbit (A cottontail, I think) posing on the grounds of Pompeys Pillar National Monument. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We love you more than we can say

My dearest little rabbit

You shouldn’t be squeaking anymore

As you are a timid guy living in the cave

And this is for your own good

You can expose your outfit to earn profit

All these are for your own sake

As we shall always love you

That is what they rake

Steamed Giant Garoupa with Minced Ginger & Yel...
Steamed Giant Garoupa with Minced Ginger & Yellow Bean Paste (Photo credit: babe_kl)


We love you more than we can say

My dearest giant Garoupa

You shouldn’t be hiding underneath the ocean rock anymore

As you are one of the legend of the ocean kingdom

And this is for your own good

You become the celebrity in the chandelier hall

All these are for your own sake

As we shall always be your aficionado

That is what they rake

English: Dog Meat On Sale At Kyungdong Shijang...
English: Dog Meat On Sale At Kyungdong Shijang Market, Seoul, Korea Taken by Rob Sherridan, posted on his Flickr account at More Rob Sherridan pictures can be found at CC-Share Alike 3.0 licensed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We love you more than we can say

My dearest little doggy

You shouldn’t be growing anymore

As you are just a little pet on the floor

And this is for your own good

You can expand your other side of talent

To win a big applause in the cold winter ending up on a dinning table

All these are for your own sake

As we shall always love you from our bottom of our stomach

That is what they rake

21) Where is this MRT Station / 这是哪一个地铁?

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A glance at the Stadium MRT Station.

Stadium MRT Station, an underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Circle Line in Singapore. The station serves the Kallang area and it’s located within the Kallang & Mountbatten vicinity.  It was opened on 17 April 2010 and earned The 2010 Singapore President’s Design Award, Design of the Year by reputable firm, WOHA Architects.

▼It was captured at an angle perceived with distorted effects.

In my opinion, the interior of Stadium looks like a ship, cladded with gray tiles, side windows and a central skylight allowing light penetration.  It also provides an oceanic view with vibrant turqoise colors as you slide from the top of the escalators to the basement platform.

 Impresses every commuters like a stream of blue water flowing to the river ground▼

Friend (13) – wall flower / 朋友(13)- 墙角花

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Several pink flowers emerging from the wall, chic shapes, elegant and refine but no one catches a glimpse of them.  Then it was unperturbed with the busy footsteps that passed by her and the exhaust emitted by passing cars.


She has no friends around, without eager admirers praising her marvel.  She was there all by her own and pleased with her own admiration.


She laugh when happy, cry when sad, with no obligatory, no ruling, not barred by EQ index or high IQ.


And yet she whispers lightly to me that happiness is not through the streets, not through dressing up but through unhidden Me.  Happiness is to sing your own songs, write your own lyrics and live with bliss.


Little pink flowers along the wall come with no price tags and yet so cheery, but why? Why did you exclude me?

Friend (12) – 3P Porridge / 朋友(12)- 3P 粥

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Able to leave the hustle and bustle aside, find a quiet corner, have a bowl of light porridge and enjoy the quiet and elegant moment, what else do we ask for in life.
This bowl of 3P porridge; peaceful, plain and pleasant.
A bowl of humble porridge, not known in the rack, there is no luxury embellishment, upscale environment, no gourmet reviews.  With a look pale and weak, quietly placed in front of me, just to fill up my stomach.
Although it has no load, but he still stick to his position as a tummy guardian.
This 3P sits quietly before us, can’t weigh it with a set of scale, catch no sight with our eyes, let alone into the upper crust.
As Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder, this 3P is a blessing, as it is different from the others.

19) Where is this Famous Tourist Spot in Singapore? / 这旅游景点在哪里?

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(This picture needs Parental Guidance)

Where is this Famous Tourist Spot in Singapore? / 这旅游景点在哪里?

9) Friend – Pyrite / 朋友(9) – 黄铁矿

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My wife gave me a piece of Pyrite and it was lying on my table for several years. Some believe that Pyrite can bring wealth, but I am sceptical about the effects it can convey.


This Ore resembles gold, but in contrast with gold, it worth a world of difference.


Undoubtedly, in the giant colliery, it is a little guy;an ounce of countefeit gold.


But under the magnifying glass, the landscape of this little guy resembles the outer space, the planet’s surface.  The cube itself is a composition of layers of nature’s art works resurfacing in an exhibition hall.



The lines caustic by the little small cubes, each and every pieces representing a turning point in life; a turning point affecting the next position. Just like the curvy turning point of a mountain, pooling the little shot of our own story.

8) Friend – Freedom / 朋友(8) – 自由

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There is a little plant growing outside the terrace, simple looking and ordinary.


It is my wife’s latest seed picking collection from the park outside, looking at the Murraya, it’s stretching it’s arms like a child, awaiting from the embrace of its mother, smiling in the sun’s warmth palm.


Do you see its freedom…friends?


It has fertile soil, it has plenty of moisture, it has carefree innocence.



No toys required, it has the freedom of a bawl.  It has the right of its fall. Liberty to its own poignancy.

No intention to provide it with special care, as it was given the wings of freedom, to make its childhood significant.

7) Friend – colour / 朋友 (7) – 色彩

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If you like blue, get to the sea, contact with the angels of peace.


If you like red, go look for Autumn, that Maple Leaf is so ravishing red.


if you like green,just open the windows or go out of the door,  lush grass is waiting for you.


Even if you like black is also true to the original universe, black is so noble and mysterious.