Day: March 13, 2013

Story about a white Samoyed

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This lovely female white Samoyed named “Dou Dou” is a 1-year old abandoned by her owner.  Her new owner, an old lady owns a little floral nursery along Pasir Ris.  She took over the ownership of Dou Dou a week ago.


A week ago, a man came to her and asked her to adopt Dou Dou, she told me in a delightful tone.  The man claimed that they just have a second child and he has another dog besides Dou Dou.  He knew that the old lady is a trusting and loving person and so he decided to offer Dou Dou to her.  With his words, I believed this man has been observing the old lady for a while and he’s left with no choice but to entrust the lovely pet to her.


The lady accepted Dou Dou from the bottom of her heart.  For the first few days, Dou Dou refuse to eat as she must have been missing her previous owner and feeling homesick.  She looses weight.  With love of her new owner, she started to adapt to the new environment and walk around happily.


I managed to carry her in my arm.  By my judgment, she is about 20kg!  The weight of this little angel is the combination of the lady’s tender loving care and the patting of visitors.  These help to bring back the smile on this white angel’s face.