Sculptures outside Peranakan Museum

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penarakan museum 01There are two lovely sculptures located outside Peranakan Museum. Peranakan Museum is the first of its kind museum specialize in Peranakan culture. You will see a cat sculpture lying on the front court yard floor, before stepping in the building.

penarakan museum 02A grandfather and granddaughter’s sculpture located outside the main building.

penarakan museum 03Granddaughter was happily pointing something in the sky that made her cheering up.


Unique sculpture “Unielephant”

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unielephant 02The sculpture “Unielephant” was done by Artist, Philip Treacy; a world-renowned British milliner who made hat to stars and royalty.

unielephant 03This is one of the art exhibition programme initiated by “Art in The City” under The Fullerton Heritage. The objective of the programme is to promote local art and culture as well as refusing art within the city.

unielephant 04The art piece act as a reminder for the dwindling elephant population of Asia, as to raise fund for the conservation and well being of the region’s neglected jumbos.

unielephant 05The sculpture adopted by The Fullerton Heritage, under “Art in The City” programme. A unique elephant is waiting for you there.

The Asean sculpture symposium

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asean sculpture 01ASEAN Sculpture Symposium, with the aim of promoting a sense of community among sculptors of member countries whose works of art will be visible symbols of regional cooperation. A collection of sculptures held at Fort Canning Park, this is first sculpture symposium in Singapore, but not the last.

asean sculpture 02“Augury” by Malaysia sculptor Mr. Anthony Lau.

asean sculpture 03“Balance” by Mr. Ng Eng Teng

asean sculpture 04“Concentration” by Mr. Vichai Sithiratn

asean sculpture 05“Unity” by Indonesia sculptor Mr. But Muchtar

asean sculpture 06“Fredesvinda” by Philippines sculptor Mr. Napoleon Veloso Abueva

asean sculpture 07“Together” by Brunei sculptor Mr. Osman Bin Mohammad

Pedas Pedas

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pedas 01A bronze sculpture name “Pedas Pedas” located behind National Museum of Singapore, this is by Sculptor Kumari Nahappan. Pedas in Malay means spicy.

Kumari is a conceptual artist based in Singapore. Her signature and iconic made her won many awards and international fame.

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Sculpture “Cut

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Sculpture “Sizzling”

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Sculpture “Unveiling Friends”

Magnificent Bull

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magnificent bull 01The “Magnificent Bull” bronze sculpture is located outside at the visitor center, Marina Gardens By the Bay.

Sculptor Walter Matia was born in Maryland, United states. Graduate in Massachusetts with degrees in Biology and Art Design.

magnificent bull 02This is a true belief to be why he has a full collect of animal’s sculptures.

magnificent bull 03As Walter says,” I am a hunter, a fisherman, a bird watcher, a book collector, a lover of natural history curiosities, an undisciplined dog trainer, and some say, a good game cook. I enjoy these passions-which have their own rewards; but they also provide the narratives of my art. I am not searching for more facts, they can be had in abundance from secondary sources; I am trying to understand the whole sense of a place.”

Dragons in the Temple

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bright hill dragon 02

Dragons carry a significant role in Chinese culture.  It symbolizes a ranking, prosperity and fortune.  By engraving or sculpting dragon on building monuments, it enhances the strength and appearance of the architectural language.

bright hill dragon 01

Shots I have captured from Bright Hill Temple ensemble the dragon symbols.  Rail post wrapped around with carved dragon, size of 20cm in diameter and 45cm in height.  It envelops the place for offerings where visitors pay respect to their ancestors.

bright hill dragon 03

A pair of magnificent butterfly-like beams, painted with dragon’s character proudly tie down to the frame of the holy minder.

bright hill dragon 04

The wall art revealing the interesting and legendary myths.

bright hill dragon 06bright hill dragon 05

The temples are guided and guarded by the dragons sitting on the roof ridge.  It clearly defines a place with respectable reputation and status.

Imaginary Art Piece.

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sculpture park art piece 01

What is this painting to you? Mountain scenery? Or grass patch with water background? Or is something else?

sculpture park art piece 02

The painting was actually captured from this moldy concrete sculpture and fine-tunes it by Photoshop.

Nature is Art. Art is Nature.

Sculpture “Progressive Flow”

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progressive flow 01

The sculpture “Progressive Flow” was cast on the ground outside One Marina Boulevard at the traffic junction between Raffles Quay and Marina Boulevard.

This significant art piece made by local sculptor Han Sai Por invites interactive, exploration and discovery.

progressive flow 06

Sculpture made in mess granite stone, consists of 6 blocks solid granite, weigh no less than 55 tons.

progressive flow 05

The Cultural Medallion Winner sculptor is one of the recognized Singapore foremost sculptors.  She transformed the solid stone into curve and flow with a rhythmic grace.

progressive flow 02

There are voids and gaps between the blocks, it allows people to walk through in-between, indirectly encourage viewers to join and participate the spatial game.

progressive flow 03

The wave-like blocks are positioned for people to rest and seat while appreciating the graceful art piece.

progressive flow 04

Not easy to imagine how much hardship has the sculptor gone through while hewing the sculpture?

progressive flow 07

The rough texture of the stones surface signifies the coarseness of the sculptor palm.

Sculpture “Momentum”

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momentum 07

The sculpture “Momentum” located at the triangle traffic junction of Finlayson Green and Collyer Quay.  The vibrant color of this sculpture penetrates every passer-by’s eyes, and energizes the core of this financial district of Shenton Way.

momentum 02

This sculpture is made of steel and painted with vibrant colors.  The sculptor, David Gerstein was born in 1944 and this works of his was built in 2007.  This is a huge piece of art interms of height 18.35m and 11.157 in diameter.

momentum 04

It presents layers upon layers of figures in an upward spiral motion.  It signifies the population’s high energy and a continuouf of progress.

momentum 03

It pays tribute to the nation of past and present.  Upon appreciative of their strength and ingenuity.  Without it, Singapore will not be a dynamic metropolis today.

momentum 05

This vibrant color sculpture spreading out his color in this vibrant garden city, for sure is not coincidental.

38) It’s big, but it’s not the Sesame Street Big Bird!

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bird 02

Where do we see this round butt?
bird 03
Or is this something else?

bird 01

“Bird” sculpture is made of bronze, created by renowned sculptor, Fernando Botero.  This beautiful 3-dimension art piece signifies the joy of living and the power of optimism.  It has a “vital statistic” of 245 x 310 x 250 cm and is located outside UOB Plaza, next to Singapore River.

bird 07

UOB (United Overseas Bank) believes so long as there is peace and optimism, the nation will continue to grow and prosper.

bird 08

Personally, I like its shape in round form.  It epitomizes an eternal strength and inspiring hope to every passerby.
bird 05
“Bird” join tip with the UFO-like Supreme Court
bird 04
Viewing through “Bird” underneath is the 5-star Fullerton Hotel, it’s a breezy view.
bird 06
“Bird” under the blue sky, waiting to take wing.