Day: March 5, 2013

A 300 feet long counter in this Historic Building

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300 feet counter 01

While we enjoying the sun-ray casting down through the skylight bringing down joy of the day and a smile splashing over high tea set in this Jade Restaurant. Do you have the thoughts of the nostalgic past of this General Post Office ever emerge your mind?

With thousands of incoming and outgoing mails waving at us a day, the human flow of this post office is no doubt, self-generating.

300 feet counter 02

The now Fullerton Hotel was built in 1928, it was a General Post Office then.  The post office was converted into a hotel in 2001 under the URA conservation plan.

In the past, postal counters used to stretch from one counter to the other.  It took up to a 300 feet long, and was reputed to be the longest counter in Southeast Asia.  The current location of the Jade Restaurant took the place of the former but with a very different ambience all in all.

300 feet counter 03

This is a scene of a new stamp issue on 9th July 1972.  The picture show a large crowd buying postage at the counters while others are affixing stamps on their ready mails.

300 feet counter 04

The architectural elements of this historic building speak a story of its own early days, and it keeps going.  No one can ever stop it…