Day: March 4, 2013

Friend (27) – My yummy day

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yummy day 04

I didn’t finish up the yam I bought the last moon-cake festival, it’s still lying in my fridge for several months.

yummy day 01

By chance, I took out one of them and decided to grow it in a pot.  I treat it as part of my lucky prediction, I guess…!  Incredibly, it started to grow within a few days!  The process reminds me that things are just there all along, we just need to be patient and wait for the time to ripe.

yummy day 05

Sometimes, we believe to be efficient, we need to get things done immediately.  But sometimes, it just doesn’t work that way and the results may not turn out in your favor.  Then, we feel frustrated and miserable; hence to buy more time is the priority we have to approach.

yummy day 02

No doubt, there isn’t a deadline to stomach this piece of yam, but still, a sense of guilt creep in, as I never finish up my food.  But gladly, by not consuming it, give the yam an un-expecting livelihood and gave me a chance to relate this wonderful story.

yummy day 03

The yam makes its way out of the other side of the green.  It’s vital enough to inspire hope on us.  Just as you thought life is withering, it could be just the beginning, like the pearl drop.

yummy day 06

How can I bear to finish him up and burp with contentment?  Just as my wish for this year need to be justified.  I wish him a speedy growth.  So that he can be my umbrella, shade me underneath his arm from the sun and rain.

We shall weep, hug each other and watch the sun go down together.

Thank you, my friend!