Day: March 6, 2013

Two rare scene happen in one day Pt1 – Rainbow Bridge

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rare scene p1-02

I happen to look up the sky after a rainfall sun set, it wakes me up by a stun.  I saw a rainbow right above me!  It’s a primary rainbow, I believe.  Not a very contrasting one but it’s real.  I keep an eye on it trying hard not to blink my eyes…  It doesn’t make sense to others, they said after all it’s just a rainbow.  Nothing big deal!  To me, it’s big and larger than a mountain ‘cause it’s unpredictable and nature’s phenomenon.

 I got my bread and butter to go after, a desktop job enough for me to lay my head down for whole day.  The chances to raise up my head are equally low.  Rain is not rare in this tropical land, but to invite a sunbeam passing through the vapors and cast itself on a blue curtain sky at the same time to capture the eyes of its admirer is rare indeed!

rare scene p1-01

So in the end, I didn’t move my eyes away from the charming bridge just like not allowing the sun to go down on me.

Many a time, we appreciate a show for a while by adding enviable comments and move on with our journey.  But this time, I managed to finished the whole movie right from the beginning to the end, as I’m not sure when will be the next return.  It could take him a decade or one’s lifetime!  Considering that, I enjoyed the sweetness and the joy given by this heavenly arc.

 This is my first rare approach of the day; it’s charming enough to secure my other wishes…