Day: March 20, 2013

An afternoon stroll to Tampines forest

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tampines forest 01

Got a chance to stroll into Tampines forest, a getaway place from the city and hassle.  An unfinished road leads us to nowhere, a land where we can rest and rejuvenate.

tampines forest 04

An earthy ground that touches our soul and the sound of nature, we chat around while enjoying the voices of cicadas.

tampines forest 05

We dream like an infant in the arm of a warm caring mom.

tampines forest 03

All these raw yet un-cosmetic folks symbolize the most original face of nature. They don’t choose friend yet they made friends un-doubly.

tampines forest 08

They have no plans and strategy to survive.  They just lived without asking for any reasons.

tampines forest 07

They lived in an inclusive, supportive and uplifting society.

tampines forest 02

“What is the secret of longevity?”  I asked in silent. He replied in the wind, “we live everywhere”!