Day: March 26, 2013

Wall of Art – Sengkang Public Library

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wall of art 10

Sengkang Public Library is part of the National Library in Singapore.  It is located in the North-east of Singapore, in Compass Point Shopping Centre.  A place for shoppers to acquire knowledge and a place that creates community bond within the residents.

Sometimes, the library organizes activities like reading and sharing session and conduct art exhibitions.  The objective of these events is to create an art atmosphere both for the young and old and to extend art juices beyond the library.

For this season, the display glass panel outside the library’s entrance showcases art pieces of selected artists from the Meow Meow Art Studio.  The owner of the studio, Ms Diana Lim is a caricaturist, if you are keen to explore her immense talent, log on to

Meanwhile enjoy some of the art pieces I’ve captured…and we shall look forward to another season of showcase!

wall of art 03

wall of art 01

wall of art 04wall of art 06

wall of art 07

wall of art 08

wall of art 09