Day: March 14, 2013

A seclude path to heaven

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secluded path 01

I was so enthralled by this sloppy path next to the tomb wall of Fort Canning Hill.  The fascination came from the tomb walls which were the collection of tombstones salvaged from the old Christian Cemetery.  They were the pioneers from the western country in the 18th Century, one of them is George Coleman.

The secluded path is at the back of this wall
The seclude path is at the back of this wall

It is situated on both sides of the Fort Canning Centre.  This is the back of the tombstones where it caught my eyes with the lovely afternoon beam.

The right side of tombstones wall
The right side of tombstones wall

Standing above the stairway and making guesses.  Trying to inject the image of a holy land into my rocky mind!  This could be the path where the most honorable contributors of the past saunter in and out daily, presenting us with the warmest and innocent smile.