Day: March 12, 2013

Story about a black stray dog

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stray dog 07

I saw a black stray dog loitering opposite a pet farm along Pasir Ris.  Shower came in a sudden on an ordinary Sunday afternoon.  With no brolly in hand, I had no choice but to hide under a tree in order not to get drenched.

stray dog 01

I felt I share the same fate with this black doggy.  The only difference is he got a bigger shade, as he’s smart enough to hide himself under the lush dense bushes.

stray dog 05

We both got doused while waiting for the rain to fade away.  I thank my God as the shower slowly subsided.  My little friend came out from the bush and look around suspiciously checking left and right making sure the rain has stopped and at the same time looking out for Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) who might be stalking him.


Not long after, he started his new journey and I started mine…

stray dog 02

This is a stray that I met opposite the pet farm where pups are bought home for love and pampering.  For him, no one notices his existence.  Would anyone bother to care for him and shower him with love forever…?