Day: May 20, 2013

Arches of the Golden Shower

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goldern arches 02

These arches were cheerfully designed and display with massive Golden Shower Orchids.  Oncidium Goldiana is the first hybrid produced by Singapore Botanic Gardens’ orchid programme in 1939.

goldern arches 01

It has two common names, Golden Shower and Dancing Lady.

 goldern arches 03

The name, Golden Shower arises from the numerous blooming in striking yellow, looking like golden showers in a mass presentation.

goldern arches 04

The name, Dancing Lady arises from individual flower that looks like dancing lady dancing in her ballroom dress.

 goldern arches 05

 Anyone there would like to dance with her under the delightful arches, or just walk through and get showered by this vibrant flora?