Day: May 18, 2013

A big bird cage in Orchid Garden

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bird cage 01

There is a bird cage-like green house in Orchid Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens. It almost fully covers with lash green, and Orchids are the main actors in the cage. It is not very big in size but interesting in the concept.

bird cage 02

Before you step in and become part of the birdie in the cage, there are many different kinds of Orchid welcome you at the doorway.

bird cage 03

There is one fern tree right in the center of the core; act as a umbrella with a spreading arms, shading us from the sunny heat wave.

bird cage 04

He is wearing a sock; with a branded name Orchid Renanthera, also call the Singaporeans.

bird cage 05

bird cage 06

bird cage 07

And of course many other more, that belongs to the family of the Orchid Empire.