Day: May 8, 2013

Cherish cherry’s pictures

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Spotted a few cherry trees along Evans Road outside Singapore Botanic Gardens.  To my surprise, it is beaming with shinning and juicy fruits but with no birds chirping happily with their fine cuisine.  For that, I have a strong reason to believe the fruits will not taste as sweet as it looks.

Otherwise, birds would not have enough to share it with the worms and the ants would be happily singing and carrying it all the way home.

If not, these strings of ruby gems wouldn’t be hanging there like dropping musical notes, waiting for an artist to complete the beautiful song.

Or else, all these ripe and unripe cherries will be ferry all the way to the supermarket for sales.

Then, today, I wouldn’t be able to have a chance to share them with you and cherish these cherries’ pictures with all!

cherish cherry pictures 05

cherish cherry pictures 01