Day: May 15, 2013

No more racing on Race Course Road

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race course rd 07

Race Course Road was named after the old racecourse at Farrer Park built in 1842.  It was the recreation hub for Europeans in the past and it also created jobs opportunity for the early settlers from Java and India.

race course rd 02

While some buildings gives ways for the new.  The present Race Course Road has many up and coming commercial buildings coming along the way.  But some prefer to sit still just like the Leong San See Temple(龙山寺) which was built in 1917.  It was popular with many Chinese immigrants who came here to offer their prayers.

race course rd 03

Just like the Heng Fo Buddhist Temple (恒佛寺).

race course rd 04

This historical building, “Temple of 1000 Lights” was reconstructed in 1930s with a changed of zinc roof to wood shelter.

race course rd 06

Public housing serves as changes of an era.