Day: May 29, 2013

A corner of MacRitchie Reservoir

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submerge boardway 02The purpose of construction a submerged boardwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park is to filter rainwater from the surrounding through plants and stone beds.  It acts like a filtration system to channel cleaner water into the reservoir.

At the same time, fun walker can have close contact with beautiful insects like dragonflies, damselflies and other aquatic life surrounding the area.

submerge boardway 01No pets and footwear are allowed on the shallow water.  If that is the case, why not hand carry your pet and they’ll love you more than ever!

submerge boardway 03At times, helicopter-like damselfly may zoom across with their horizontal propellers.

submerge boardway 04submerge boardway 05Some are thoroughly in action while some are lone ranger.

submerge boardway 10Some are so insignificant but plays and important part to purify the water for our usage.

submerge boardway 07Some are living quietly without any titles.

submerge boardway 08Some water fairies whispering by the waterside.

submerge boardway 09This is just a corner of the park, but never neglect the rest!