One night in Phor Kark See Temple

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one night in pks temple 01Today is Vesak Day. I jointed the volunteer group of Phor Kark See Temple to help up in selling drinks. By entering the side of the temple, there are gorgeous lotus deco being lightens up.

one night in pks temple 02In “3 Steps, 1 Bow” ceremony, devotees circumambulate the perimeter of the temple, taking every 3 steps and one bow, while chanting the name of the Buddha. This event started on Vesak Day eve at 10pm until the actual day morning 7am.

one night in pks temple 03Thousand of lanterns lighten up every corner of the temple.

one night in pks temple 04In the Hall of Great Compassion, devotees queuing to pay respect to Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva.

one night in pks temple 05On the other hands , “3 steps, 1 Bow” ceremony still going on and on every single minutes.

one night in pks temple 06Cart stores selling Buddhism related things are overwhelming with crown and heats.

one night in pks temple 07Little Buddhas are happily smiling to us.

one night in pks temple 08Comfort foods are serving for free thru out the whole Vesak Day event.

one night in pks temple 09This picture was captured in the morning 8am, a woman pushing her Granny- I guess, has shown virtues thru out, until the end of the ceremony.

one night in pks temple 10And this is the time for the lotus awakening.


Vesak Day

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vesak day 02

Know the enlightenment of this great man.

Understand the path he went through.

Understand his teachings with wisdom, and

Be mindful on this special day.