Day: May 31, 2013

Song of the Birdcage

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birdcage 01Welcome to my embossed birdcage

It’s engraved with scenery of ivory

Crafted with sweetness of memories

How can I hold it without sharing?

How can I keep a vow within?

So I wrote a song

I wrote a note

I wrote a Blogging post

Birds hear that!

But not wings near that!

birdcage 03 Welcome to my antique birdcage

No hanging price tags

No auction gag

Where do we find an old folks song?

When could we build a home sweet home?

Dancing in the wind

Dancing in the night

Dancing with cool red wine

Monkey hears that!

Monkey nears that!

birdcage 02Welcome to my empty birdcage

No more sorrowful songs

No more broken wings

No more contradicting feel of liberty

Where can I find him?

When can I fly with him?

He is not in the room

Not in Google map

Not on files piling up high desk

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

That is our dream

Our birdie’s dream