Day: November 23, 2012

11) What is the difference between these 2 Sepak Takraw?

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The one on the left is meant for wheelchair user and made of rubber material.  The one on the right is a traditional Sepak Takraw ball that is made of rattan, thus it’s lighter and more bouncy.  Unlike the traditional Sepak Takraw, the rubberized one is less springy and it requires a bit more patience and determination to master the game.

Auti Angel is the “Dancebassador” of the Abilities Expo.  She is a wheelchair Hip-hop dancer and also the founder of Colours~N~Motion.  Participants from all ages and genders learn the dancing skill from her.

Physical disabilities don’t set a boundary within.  With the strength and determination to go beyond, dancing with free wings are the real heroes!

What sort of satisfaction and joy does one gain from sport?  A medal? An accomplishment?  Or just a simple game just for a simply joy?

Do you want to compete cycling with me?

Or barely go under the sky for an ocean of freedom?