Day: November 25, 2012

9) A Story About A Poor Granny

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This heartwarming real story happened in Indonesia.  It’s regarding a judge handling a theft case.  The defendant is an old frail granny from a meager family.  She committed the crime as her child was sick and grandchildren were starving.
She succumbed to stealing cassavas for them.  But the manager of the plantation insisted to put her behind bars, so she has to face the punishment.
After reading the sentence, Judge Marzuki took a deep breath and made the announcement.  “I’m sorry Grandma, I have to abide the law.  You are guilty of what you have done, you are to pay a fine of 1 million rupiah (about US$100/=) or you’ll be put behind bar for 2½ years.”

The old grandma lowered her head with grief.  At this moment, the judge put away his judge’s cap, took out 1 million rupiah from his wallet and put it on his cap.  He went on and spoke to the people in the front court.  “Under the name of the justice, I have to sentence everyone here guilty of a fine of 50,000 rupiah (about US$5/=) as a city dweller, you let an old lady here steal for her family because of starvation.”
 The honourable judge then pass his hat around for the fine to be amass by everyone including the cassava park manager.
 Before the court dismissal, old grandma has been awarded a 3.5million rupiah fine.  The money is used to pay up her fine.  She went home with what’s left and was very touched with what has been done to her.