Day: November 19, 2012

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this is a interesting post by Krahnpix, regarding porcupine reflection. Enjoy reading!

5) Stairway to Office!

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GIL Building Spiral Staircase - Roma

A company enforces a rule for employees reporting late for work.  For that reason, they have to climb flight of steps to their office on the 19th floor.  This takes them for about 15mins to reach ‘heaven’.
This is happening in a country in Asia.  Employee, Jessica told the press that her office enforces a new rule for latecomers.  Instead of fining them for reporting late at work, they would have to climb stairs!

Staircase at the Courtauld Gallery, London, En...

After a month after the rule takes place, no employee report work late!
“For those who report late, please report to the counter!”  This is a daily pop-out message on their PC screen.  If you happened to be the one, please help yourself to the counter at 1st floor and greet morning to the flight of stairs within 15mins!  Someone will be on the 19th floor counter to erase your bad record!
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On Oct 22, Jessica happened to be the late one.  She lamented that there was no chance to cheat, there will always be someone guarding over the stairway at every alternate floor.  Instead of paying a fine of about S$20/=, after a few practices, they managed to finish the test in a joyful way.  After all, no fine are fine to them.
 One month after the rule has been set, there is tremendous improvement.
The numbers of latecomers has decreased from 3 to 1.  And till now, not a single staff turned up late at all!