Day: November 17, 2012

10) Breakfast at our Tiffany

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Bread and Butter

My daily breakfast consists of bread and peanut butter, If I look for changes, it’ll be peanut butter and bread, or oak with banana, else will be banana with oak!
Bread and butter are also one of the basic nutritional meal for kids growing up.
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Toast Bread with Half Boiled Eggs

It is common to get them in our local coffee shop.  It’s grassroots breakfast indeed.  A piece or two toasted bread come with one or two half boiled eggs.
The eggs taste superb with soy sauce and pepper, it’s provide you with the energy charge you need for the day!  And of course, you have to monitor your own cholesterol level.
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Roti Prata

A traditional Indian meal, an ideal breakfast.  It is a pan-fried pancake made from flour dough and it is commonly served with curry gravy or sugar.  This is famously one of the most reasonable priced meals among the local.
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Porridge with ‘You Tiao

A typical Chinese authentic meal, a popular meal well-liked here.  ‘You Tiao’ (known as ‘Oil Stick’) is a long, golden-brown, deep fried strip of dough that taste slightly salty.  Dipping ‘You Tiao’ in a bowl of hot porridge is one of the original way to enjoy the meal!
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Nasi Lemak

Commonly a Malay breakfast dish, though it is possible for the dish to be eaten all day as it is sold in most eateries here.  Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and ‘pandan’ leaf, comes with small fried anchovies, fried peanuts, scrambled or hard boiled egg, cucumber slices, wrapped with banana leaf.  Last but not least, is the remarkable hot spicy sauce (sambal) with a sweet under taste that spice up the whole dish and make you wanting to go back for more!
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Macdonald’s Breakfast

And finally, this world famous meal may end up in front of me, once in a ‘purple’ moon.
I would love to share so much more Breakfast at Tiffany with you….Hey, what about you?  Shall I see you at Tiffany?