Day: November 8, 2012

Friend (22) – Small vegetation / 朋友- 小植物

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We often stop by the road, and notice small little plants piercing their way out from crack line or slit of wall.
The small vegetation can operate in a small corner of the sky, with a feeble body, in a harsh environment.  The struggling spirit is respectable.
We feel this resilient power in countless people.  As there is no overnight success, just like swaying from a bumpy sea, the myth of achievement often emerged from diligence and spirit of hard work.
While we look around in all places, we see people, especially the blue collar workers; day in, day out, they are able to work under harsh environment, at long hauls.  This proves that the small plant is not diminutive at all, as it has an attitude that is bigger than life itself!