Day: November 11, 2012

34) What so special about this ceiling?

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This is the main reflective roof ceiling of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.
This unique roof has a second name – “butterfly roof”.  As the name has it, the butterfly-like automatic reflector panels open up its wings and reflect natural light from the open skylight and illuminate the open space beneath.

The daylighting system helps to reduce energy usage by minimizing daytime use of artificial lightings.  It also results in decreased cooling load for air-conditioning.
During the night, the skylights will be lighted up by artificial lightings, and the reflectors will do the same job as in the day as an Eco-Ambassador.

Beneath the impressive roof, a distinctive 15m high vertical garden call The Green Wall, spanning 300m across the building enjoys and dances in the light of glory.

When you look up the ceiling, you see a group of eco designers spreading their warm gestures and friendly handshakes.  That is where I salute them with the great job they have done to conserve energy and our environment.