Day: November 4, 2012

3) Dinning with you and the “Kuehs”

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“Kueh” is a Malay word literally means traditional biscuits or cakes.
These are the three types of Kueh I would like to dine with you.
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Binka Ubi
Binka Ubi Kueh is rich in golden color, with a layer of brown-coated skin
Ingredients include Tapioca, Coconut Milk, Sugar, Salt and Water.
It tastes sweet, flavor of Tapioca enhanced by the heated exterior of coated sugar.

Kueh Lapis Sagu
This is one of the most famous among the “Kueh”.  It has nine layers of Kueh laying on top of each other.  It is laid layer over layer after each layer settles.
Traditionally, it comes in multi-color, red, green, blue and white.  But, choice of colors is still up to the baker’s creativity!
Colors are usually red, green and blue, is up to the maker creativity.
Ingredient are Tapioca, Sago Flour, Mung Bean Flour, Rice Flour, Coconut Milk, Sugar, Water, knotted Pandan leaves and finally the coloring.
Peeling off layer by layer at the same time enjoying the fragrance sweetness of the Kuey, is one of our traditional ways of eating.
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Kueh Talam
This Kueh is special in term of its simple and yet refreshing color combination, just white and green.
The green portion is make of Pandan leaves coloring, coconut milk, sugar etc. For the white portion are make of sieved rice flour together with sago flour.
This is a very delighting Malay Kueh as it appears visually in a soothing way.