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36) How many windows are there in this building?

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MICA Building is located at the junction of Hill Street and River Valley Road.  This prominent colonial building was built in 1934.  It was the largest government building and modern skyscraper at that time.
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The historical building was built as a police station. To ease the entrance of the building, the steep slopes of Fort Canning Hill had to be cut back to provide access. 
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The colonial landmark, now home to the Ministry of Information, Communications and Arts (MICA) is also known as the Old Hill Street Police Station as it was used to house the Police Station and Barracks.
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Total numbers of 927 rainbow-painted timber frame casement windows never fail to draw the attention of passerby.  It makes the streetscape more lively and vibrant.
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Sunlight casting through the skylight, landing on the interior exhibition gallery, not only egg-on more inspiration but gives a natural touch to art and this distinctive building.