Day: November 28, 2012

10) Walking with Velcro

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In 1941, a Swiss man strolling on the Alps after a hunting trip with his dog discovered the seeds of burdock that kept sticking on his clothes and dog’s fur.  He examined the burrs with microscope and saw thousand of “hooks” caught on the clothes’ cotton and furs.
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This man, Gerorge de Mestral, a Swiss engineer lived in Commugny, Switzerland.  He spent 8 years to change the zipping world.  He conceived the hook-and-loop fastener by binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion from the beginning of cotton material to Nylon and polyester, and now even the spaceman and sportsman are practically using it.
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The word Velcro is a combination of two French words velours (“velvet”) and crochet (“hook”)
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Today, this handy and sticky zip become part and parcel of our live!  It contributes much changes to the style of the fashion world!
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Well, the next time while you are strolling in the field, just spend a little attention on nature; you may be surprised to discover what nature offer can do much to change our life.