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21) Will you still love me?

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You beat her up with many reasons

Kiss her with no reason

Sparks in your eyes

Fist with diamond ring in the air

You said sorry uncountable times

And she begins to feel sorry for herself

She says

“I am not sure if I can bear with this anymore”

And you asked her.

“Will you still love me?”

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You trimmed me down with many reasons

Keep me when you said you love eco

Spark on my body from the eyes of your saw

Yet, you said you love your garden

You confused me

And I started to confuse myself

I am not sure if I can bear with this any more

And you asked me

“Will you still love me?”

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You bombed me with many reasons

Lock me up for peace

Spark in the eyes of a warrior

But, you only love your own family

You worry me

And I started to worry for myself

I am not sure if I can bear with this any more

And you asked me

A question I don’t even know how to answer myself

“Will you still love me anymore?”

6) Which Chinese Zodiac are You?

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In Chinese calendar, the 12 animals represent every two hours within the clock.  The concept is similar to Constellation.  The original is unknown, but there are beliefs that the sequence and arrangement of the animals are related to their behaviors and activities.  Each individual takes up two hour.

The first, is the Rat, from 11pm to 1am.  This is the time while rats are most active.

Second, is the Ox from 1am to 3am.  This is the time for cow to ruminant.

Third, is the Tiger, from 3am to 5am.  This is the best time for tiger to hunt food.

Fourth, is the Rabbit, from 5am to 7am.  This is the time for rabbit to grind medicine on the moon.  There is a belief that there is a rabbit staying on the moon in the olden days.

Fifth, is the Dragon, from 7am to 9am.  This is the time when the dragon shuttle in the cloud to make rain for the earth.

Sixth, is the Snake, from 9am to 11am.  This is the time for the snake to start the day.

Seventh, is the Horse, from 11am to 1pm.  This is noon time, and it’s the hottest temperature of the day and the best time for the horse to run about.

Eighth, is the Goat, from 1pm to 3pm.  This is the best time to let goats on the field, while the green grass will make them stronger and healthier.

 Nineth, is the Monkey, from 3pm to 5pm.  This is the most active time for monkeys.

Tenth, is the Rooster, from 5pm to 7pm.  This is the time where chicken return to their home sweet home.

Eleventh, is the Dog, from 7pm to 9pm.  This is the time where dogs are on guard.

Twelveth, is the Pig, from 9pm to 11pm.  This is the pigs bed time.

The stories may varies and it takes many years to form the interesting arrangement.  But, culture and fairy tales are the most delighting and joyful stuffs!
The Twelve Animal Kingdom is a twelve cycle that corresponds to Years rather than Months.  So a person can be born in the year of Dragon, Tiger so on and so forth if we mention about the Chinese Calendar Zodiac.
 So, which animal sign are you?
So, which Chinese Zodiac are you?

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this is a interesting post by Krahnpix, regarding porcupine reflection. Enjoy reading!

5) Stairway to Office!

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GIL Building Spiral Staircase - Roma

A company enforces a rule for employees reporting late for work.  For that reason, they have to climb flight of steps to their office on the 19th floor.  This takes them for about 15mins to reach ‘heaven’.
This is happening in a country in Asia.  Employee, Jessica told the press that her office enforces a new rule for latecomers.  Instead of fining them for reporting late at work, they would have to climb stairs!

Staircase at the Courtauld Gallery, London, En...

After a month after the rule takes place, no employee report work late!
“For those who report late, please report to the counter!”  This is a daily pop-out message on their PC screen.  If you happened to be the one, please help yourself to the counter at 1st floor and greet morning to the flight of stairs within 15mins!  Someone will be on the 19th floor counter to erase your bad record!
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On Oct 22, Jessica happened to be the late one.  She lamented that there was no chance to cheat, there will always be someone guarding over the stairway at every alternate floor.  Instead of paying a fine of about S$20/=, after a few practices, they managed to finish the test in a joyful way.  After all, no fine are fine to them.
 One month after the rule has been set, there is tremendous improvement.
The numbers of latecomers has decreased from 3 to 1.  And till now, not a single staff turned up late at all!

10) No More Male Pallbearers

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Grave yard in Newbury

An elderly woman died last month.
Having never married, she requested no male pallbearers.
In her handwritten instructions for her memorial service,
she wrote, ‘They wouldn’t take me out while I was alive,
I don’t want them to take me out when I’m dead.’

10) Breakfast at our Tiffany

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Bread and Butter

My daily breakfast consists of bread and peanut butter, If I look for changes, it’ll be peanut butter and bread, or oak with banana, else will be banana with oak!
Bread and butter are also one of the basic nutritional meal for kids growing up.
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Toast Bread with Half Boiled Eggs

It is common to get them in our local coffee shop.  It’s grassroots breakfast indeed.  A piece or two toasted bread come with one or two half boiled eggs.
The eggs taste superb with soy sauce and pepper, it’s provide you with the energy charge you need for the day!  And of course, you have to monitor your own cholesterol level.
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Roti Prata

A traditional Indian meal, an ideal breakfast.  It is a pan-fried pancake made from flour dough and it is commonly served with curry gravy or sugar.  This is famously one of the most reasonable priced meals among the local.
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Porridge with ‘You Tiao

A typical Chinese authentic meal, a popular meal well-liked here.  ‘You Tiao’ (known as ‘Oil Stick’) is a long, golden-brown, deep fried strip of dough that taste slightly salty.  Dipping ‘You Tiao’ in a bowl of hot porridge is one of the original way to enjoy the meal!
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Nasi Lemak

Commonly a Malay breakfast dish, though it is possible for the dish to be eaten all day as it is sold in most eateries here.  Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and ‘pandan’ leaf, comes with small fried anchovies, fried peanuts, scrambled or hard boiled egg, cucumber slices, wrapped with banana leaf.  Last but not least, is the remarkable hot spicy sauce (sambal) with a sweet under taste that spice up the whole dish and make you wanting to go back for more!
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Macdonald’s Breakfast

And finally, this world famous meal may end up in front of me, once in a ‘purple’ moon.
I would love to share so much more Breakfast at Tiffany with you….Hey, what about you?  Shall I see you at Tiffany?

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20) Song of Haircut

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Cut, cut, cut…cut away the fuzz

Cutting your hair

Cutting your butt

Cutting your toe nail

Cutting your heart

Listen to the groomer

Your time is up

You wanna look dumb or charm?

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Cut, cut, cut…cut away the fuzz

Cutting my hair

Cutting my fringe

Cutting my side burn

Cutting my heart

Listen to the barber

My time is up

I need to go school

And I wanna look charm

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Cut, cut, cut…cut away the fuzz

Cutting your hair

Cutting your hand

Cutting your body

Cutting your palm

Listen to the pruning buzz

Open up your new arms

Open up a brand new sky

And dance in your dreams with rhyme

5) Do you know your Flag well?

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Our National Flag consists of two equal horizontal sections, the red above white.  On the left canton is a white crescent moon beside five white stars within a circle. 
Each feature has its own distinctive meaning and significance:
Red symbolizes Universal Brotherhood and Equality of man;
White signifies pervading and everlasting purity and virtue;
The Crescent Moon represents a young nation on the ascendant;
and the five stars stand for the nation’s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.
It’s significant to know the meaning of our National Flag, we will grow to understand how much hardship, country warriors fight for the flagpole and make it stands upright under the blue sky.

Personally, I favor our flag standing firmly on the ground, blowing in the wind and facing the storm fearlessly.
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A National flag belongs to every nation and it is uphold by each individual hand in hand.

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Let’s enjoy the Autumn chrysanthemum garden, in Shinjyuku Gyoen , by Blog Myau Myau

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THey way of Oodukuri of chrysanthemum is made from one root of shrysanthemum to many flowers of chrysanthemum. There are 3 big Oodukuri at Shinjyuku Gyoen, and each of them has more than 500 flowers. They are wonderful!

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