Evans Lodge

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evans lodge 01Evans Lodge is a student hostel that situated at 26 Evans Road.  It is eye-catching as the exterior bear English bond brickwork makes the environment even more charming than ever.

evans lodge 02The protruding portion of the building stands up to speak up for the architectural perfection.

evans lodge 04With the enhancements of the vertical fins, it carries the upward language throughout the whole building without any doubts.

evans lodge 03The proportion of brick wall, color of texture is just too perfect matching the eyes of human level.

evans lodge 06Plantation of pine trees softens the hardiness of the concrete heart brings us a day of joy visiting this residential estate without the clutters of concrete forest.

evans lodge 05Don’t miss out this Indian Prata House next to it.  Nice Indian cuisine and it’s open 24/7.  The reason why they don’t close for business is because the doors are always open for you and the waiters are always happily waiting to serve you with their nice food!


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