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Sydney Fong:

this is a interesting post by Krahnpix, regarding porcupine reflection. Enjoy reading!

Originally posted on Krahnpix:

I think people’s movements can reflect their personality. For example, have you ever seen high-strung people just saunter around? This got me wondering if my theory holds true in the wild?

Last week I was driving aimlessly hoping to cross paths with a beautiful buck. I secretly wonder sometimes if I miss wildlife because I’m lost in thot. Suddenly I spy a dark object in a snowy stubble field. This porcupine was hard to miss!

The camouflage might work in the trees but porky was a little obvious parked out in the snow.

The first thing I noticed was the porcupine’s style of movement which was well … methodical is a polite term. Those stubby legs are definitely not built for speed. In a little bit of snow, the legs disappeared completely and the porcupine looked like a tug boat churning away on the soft surface.

I was a bit surprised…

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  1. Ha ha ha I read this on his blogsite.

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