Singapore Botanic Gardens

Evans Lodge

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evans lodge 01Evans Lodge is a student hostel that situated at 26 Evans Road.  It is eye-catching as the exterior bear English bond brickwork makes the environment even more charming than ever.

evans lodge 02The protruding portion of the building stands up to speak up for the architectural perfection.

evans lodge 04With the enhancements of the vertical fins, it carries the upward language throughout the whole building without any doubts.

evans lodge 03The proportion of brick wall, color of texture is just too perfect matching the eyes of human level.

evans lodge 06Plantation of pine trees softens the hardiness of the concrete heart brings us a day of joy visiting this residential estate without the clutters of concrete forest.

evans lodge 05Don’t miss out this Indian Prata House next to it.  Nice Indian cuisine and it’s open 24/7.  The reason why they don’t close for business is because the doors are always open for you and the waiters are always happily waiting to serve you with their nice food!


Dempsey Hill

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dempsey hill 02

The present Dempsey Hill was formerly known as Central Manpower Base of Singapore (CMPB) packed with British army barracks.  After eras of long services, it has turned into a new life lined with bistro and lifestyle designer shop spaces.

dempsey hill 01

The parade square was once used as a place to pick up and ferry new recruits on their first day of national service.  In my memory, I was ferried by a three-tonner military truck from this place before I started my new journey in the army.  Now, some of the barracks are instead occupy by BBQ restaurant with no traces of military soldiers.

dempsey hill 03

Some has changed over and became art museums where cultures and sculptures do their guarding jobs.

dempsey hill 04

Some revamped as supermarkets.  No more cookhouse food other than frozen pork and beef steaks!

dempsey hill 05

This place for hang-out is always a good choice for fine dining and chilling out on Fridays.  Wine and beer will never get away from the cozy lounge with beautiful architecture details.

dempsey hill 06

Lush greenery is the big selling point of Demsey Hill.  With this resort-like entertainment ground, it’s hard to recall the boorish shouting over to a recruit from an army officer, and the chisel of how army life is going to be.

The feeling between anxiety and relaxation, which one do you choose to boot-out?

Green Roof

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green roof 01

When we enter the lobby of this green pavilion at Botany Centre (Singapore Botanic Gardens), you see a stretch of timber walkway covered by ripple of greens on the top of the roof.  This special feature not only rejuvenate the gardens but also provides the objective of the green pitch roof.

green roof 02

You don’t find any special elements underside of the pitch roof.  But, by enjoying the reflection of the pond on the ceiling might be a bonus to understand how nature interacts among them.

green roof 03

Either gets a faraway distant angle from the Green Pavilion, or another option is to reach the 2nd floor of the pavilion to get a closer look of the green roof.

green roof 04

With the help of lushly covered plants decrease the temperature of the room beneath, obviously also decrease the energy generated.  It is no doubt, green roof are widely adopted eco concept and globally well received in the world.  Then again, did we take this eco steps for granted?  When you enter this blissful green land, the cooling and refreshing ambience don’t come along without the effort of green hands behind.  Without them, we won’t have a chance to enjoy a green and blue combination of this horizon of landscapes.  Should we thankful for that?

A tour to Swan Lake

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swan lake 05

What are they staring at? Is it something interesting or something so eyes catching to them?

swan lake 01

Yes! The swan lake. You are looking at the lake as old as the Gardens. It was built in 1866, since than the charming beautiful memories start. There is an island in the lake planted with Nibung palms, these has to be the most remarkable and timeless iconic in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

swan lake 02

The Banyan tree is old enough to be our great grand father, and also wise enough to play the old garden song.

swan lake 03

Though feeding is not allowed, as long as fishes and the feeder is happy, like-wise the cameraman.

swan lake 04

This wooden swan sculpture has been there for many decades but surprisingly; they just couldn’t get out of this place!

swan lake 07

There are 2 white mute swans from Amsterdam, always there be an ambassador, gliding like a sub-marine, shinning like a chandelier.

swan lake 08

Feed me! Feed me! How could you bear not to feed me?

swan lake 06

I’m so lovely and charming bright!

The Tree of Life

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baobab tree 01

Baobab tree has many other names.  Bottle tree, tabaldi, monkey bread tree or dead rat tree just to name a few.

It has a life span of up to many thousands years though the tree age can’t be verified by the tree ring, as bottle tree doesn’t produce annual rings like some others.

baobab tree 02

I see that these trees living in a corner of the Singapore Botanic Gardens are much younger compared to those living in Africa in terms of its stature.

bottole tree magadasca (
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There are many remarkable and iconic Baobab growing in Africa.  Judging by the shape, this tree undoubtedly could be one of the famous trees in Madagascar.

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

The Baobab tree is also called the Tree of Life.  Reason being it not only provides shade but food and water for living beings.  The bark can be used as rope or cloth where the leaves are used as condiments and medicines.  The tree trunk can store water up to hundreds of litres during rainy season and the tree are able to produce fruit later on in the year when everything around them is dry and barren.  The fruit named Monkey Bread is rich in vitamin C and it’s edible.  It is easy to see why baobab is referred to as The Tree of Life.

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

The matured trees are usually hollow.  It magnanimously provides a sheltered space for human and animals sharing with him the same roof and joining him as a family.

baobab tree walt the lion king

The fame of this tree can’t be denied.  The Baobab tree is also being selected and featured in some Disney’s movie like ‘The Lion King’.  So the next time you see a tree, you may be chancing into the Tree of Life, a tree of fame on this fertile earth.

Easter Song

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easter song 01

When I walk up to you

I lost my arms

The closer I move

I lost my legs

The closer I look

I lost my thinking and smarty head

How can I go on without all these?

Yes, you can!

You can!

Come closer to me

I’ll show you the way

easter song 02

When I walk up to you

I lost my face

The closer I move

I lost my senses

The closer I look

I lost my color and vibrancy

What can I cling on without all these?

Yes, you can!

You can!

Come closer to me

I’ll show you my way

easter song 03

I finally walk up to you

I lost my voice

The closer I move

I lost my melody

The closer I look

I lost my words and my final confessions

Where can I hang on without all these?

Yes, you can!

You can!

I’ll show you my way

My way of living

My face of Hope

Love in the Animal Kingdom

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A photographer exhibition extractions from the Singapore Botanic Gardens; all photo are present by the Nature Photographic Society of Singapore.

This exhibition showcases the love in birds, insects and mammals; countries take place from winter in Northern China to the fresh water of North America.

Enjoy the journey of Love!

animal love 01

animal love 02

animal love 03

animal love 04

animal love 05

animal love 06

animal love 07

animal love 08

The saga of a lovely Saga tree

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saga tree 02

Saga tree (Adenanthera pavonina) is one of the top popular trees in Singapore.  By saying that, we wish to imagine its presence but sometimes without even knowing its existence.

saga tree 01

The Saga tree is hardy and fast growing species.  It can grow like a giant in 15-20m tall and widely spread out to provide shade and like a welcoming kind father.

Bu courtesy of
Bu courtesy of

The fruits pods of this tree contain scarlet seeds, each of the 4 seeds make up 1 gram.  In the past, it is widely used on gold and silver as a weight measurement.

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

The red seeds are a well-know love seeds among all warm and solicitude heart.  Some like to collect it and store it up in bottle for their love ones.  Some prefer to stitch it up forming a necklace and some place it to form a heart-shape.

saga tree 02

saga tree 04

This Saga tree is located at Botanic gardens.  He treated his fern fans as his own family.  Surrounded with their friendship and love.  They lived together and share the wide blue sky.  Spreading love-seeds to passer-bys, it also naturalized through out Malaysia and Africa.  This is the core soul of Saga tree, the saga never fail to entice!

Every end marks a new beginning

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talipot palm 01

The rare Talipot Palm (Corypha umbraculifera) is flowering for the first and the last time after 80 years of growth.

talipot palm 02

Over the next few months, it will produce some 24 million tiny flowers, and hopefully some seed, before it finally withers (by courtesy of Singapore Botanic Gardens).

By courtesy of
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If life ends with 24 million of flowers in exchange of a new dream, it’s just like the story of fireworks; it ends and relives our hope again!

61) Who are they footing outside Singapore Botanic Gardens

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outside SBG 10

We always stumbled over the grand entrance whenever we enter a brand new tourist spot.  The next moment we just can’t wait to see the new adventures coming your way.  So gate crash!

And we ignored the little fairies calling outside the entrance that made up the big picture as a whole.

This may happen in Singapore Botanic Gardens but not the way I perceive it.

outside SBG 01

They are not invisible, they are just lying low.

outside SBG 04

They are as gorgeous as fairy.

outside SBG 05

They are the encyclopedias in silent I should read.

outside SBG 13

So who are they…?

outside SBG 08

Some I don’t know, some I knew, but most importantly, they need to be known!

outside SBG 09

Young ginger changing himself in blush!

outside SBG 02

Banana flower dressing up in pink!!

outside SBG 03

Floating musical notes!!!

outside SBG 11

Listen to the Weeping Tea tree’s calling!!!!

outside SBG 07

Where are your bamboo friends, My Bamboo Orchid?

Bring them outside the fence. We need more fans!!!!!