Swan Lake

A tour to Swan Lake

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swan lake 05

What are they staring at? Is it something interesting or something so eyes catching to them?

swan lake 01

Yes! The swan lake. You are looking at the lake as old as the Gardens. It was built in 1866, since than the charming beautiful memories start. There is an island in the lake planted with Nibung palms, these has to be the most remarkable and timeless iconic in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

swan lake 02

The Banyan tree is old enough to be our great grand father, and also wise enough to play the old garden song.

swan lake 03

Though feeding is not allowed, as long as fishes and the feeder is happy, like-wise the cameraman.

swan lake 04

This wooden swan sculpture has been there for many decades but surprisingly; they just couldn’t get out of this place!

swan lake 07

There are 2 white mute swans from Amsterdam, always there be an ambassador, gliding like a sub-marine, shinning like a chandelier.

swan lake 08

Feed me! Feed me! How could you bear not to feed me?

swan lake 06

I’m so lovely and charming bright!


30) Where is this sculpture?

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“SWING ME MAMA” Sculpture

The beautiful art piece named “Swing Me Mama” is located next to the swan lake of the Singapore Botanic Gardens
It is made of serpentine spring stone.  The sculptor, Dominic Benhura from Zimbabwe created this beautiful piece of work through the inspiration of his kids while he was trying to swing them.

And now, both father and child are swinging and dancing together next to the Swan Lake, emitting and sharing the happiness they had together to visitors day in, day out.