Amazing root-way of this Kapok tree

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kapok tree 02

This is one of the Heritage tree in Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Kapok tree.

According to the information board, this tree loves the sun and is fast growing.  In the past, people made used of this white cottony pulp to stuff cushions, pillow, mattresses and life jackets etc.

kapok tree 05

This tall tree is native to tropical America.  The broad, straight trunk is the distinctive feature of this old tree.

kapok tree 01

Standing next to it you’ll be amazed by how huge and tall the portrait of this tree is!

kapok tree 04

I have no clue and there isn’t a sign stating how old the tree is.  By the snake crawl-like roots, it’s enough to judge and convince he is a decisive and fortitude man.

kapok tree 03

This also crocodile like roots exposed the hard side of nature. So, do these roots inspire you? Have you wonder how deep can he penetrate and how far he has traveled?