Eco Garden

Why are they so busy in the Eco Garden?

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Eco garden 01

It takes approximately 3 minutes to reach the Eco Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens from the Botanic Gardens MRT. It is a worthwhile trip for a visitor to have a glimpse of the celebrities and fun makers!

At the same time you must be wondering what are they doing and why are they so busy?

So let’s do a survey…

Eco garden 02

Some busy on sprouting their new generation.

Eco garden 03

Some busy on preparing ‘Singapore’s Beauty Contest’.

Eco garden 05

Some are still adjusting the costumes or trying to be a ‘copy duck’.

Eco garden 04

So busy to the extent forget about the leg.

Eco garden 07

Some busy on searching, with what?

Eco garden 08

Some busy on cleaning up the water…

Eco garden 09

Some busy on the ground…

Eco garden 10

Some busy on the road…

Eco garden 11

Some busy on the grass…

Eco garden 06

Some still busy on wandering and wondering…

Eco garden 12

Wondering why some just busy on watching…