My sweet Jumbos tree

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jumbos tree 01

I spotted a Eugenia Jumbos tree near Eco Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The floor are lying full of ripen fruits. It looks like a dropping bell at a glance.

jumbos tree 02

Eugenia Jumbos has many common names; water apple, Malay apple and rose apple etc.

jumbos tree 03

Eugenia Jumbos is native to Southeast Asia but naturalized in India.

jumbos tree 05

The flesh is crunchy and watery, and the taste is sweet and fragrant. Some time you can find it in the Rojak food. Rojak is a kind of an Asia food that mixes with different kind of fruits, and stir with prawn paste and peanuts topping.

jumbos tree 04

So next time if you happen to see this rosy cheek along the roadside, please greet him with a hello, because he is so shy that needs somebody to be more initiative than him.

Hello, my sweet Jumbos tree!